Monday, 31 October 2011

Feck that for a game o' sodgers!

I wish I could...
But I can't.....
I have tried...
I have dithered about decorating windows with fake cobwebs and the like.
I have procrastinated drinking coffee and now I am even writing a post about it, big *sigh*.

I feel like Hamish in this photo...

 because of this...

I am hoping, rather than bemoaning this outrageous mound dear friends, you all agree that this is the size an ironing mountain should get to before being embarked upon.  Please say it is so, I'd hate to look like a failure in the housewifery department!   *takes tongue out of cheek*

Feckity feck feck feckity feck feck!!!

I better get these out then, my ironing companions, the 10th Doctor will ease my pain!

 Sort he won't, who am I kidding???  Yet more *sighs*!  I am proper huffing now by the way!


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I've been a busy wee bee with birthday business!

For us, the last two weeks of October is abundant in birthdays which is fabulous really - love a birthday - but bugger it's exhausting!  I feel sorry for Mr Biscuit too as inevitably we spend his birthday preparing for Youngest Biscuit's the day after so we never go out or celebrate much.  I did make him Lamingtons which has scored me many many tens of points in the Good Wife department.  Just as well as I barely had a second to send him birthday wishes.

Traditions were kept, birthday age biscuits...

...made every year of both of my Biscuits lives and now, always decorated with a brother at hand.

And of course there was a cake...

...based on the PS3 game Driver: San Fransisco, Youngest Biscuit's favourite game.  I had to edit this photo in cinemascope to match the feel of the game's opening sequence, very dramatic!
My amazing friend from the States who lives near to SF got me the Golden Gate Bridge which we spray painted red and really makes the cake, don't you think?  She sent over oodles of chocolatey pretzels too, the star that she is!
The Dodge Challenger (hark at me with the car names) was made from Sculpey clay so it could be kept.  I have to say it's a lot of fun making cakes like this but the sugar paste was so soft it was a right pain! I was tired after I admit. It was a cake four days in the making and I think all that creativity and organizing is exhausting!  I get very sick of baking too which I really do hate to admit.
After all this effort I will be terrorized with a remote control tarantula and Nerf Guns, such is life, with boys!

 It was my friend's special day yesterday and I got to be girly...

...which I don't get to do very often!
 It had been a busy old time and I really did deserve this...

Two more birthdays this weekend and I have just had my two year blogging anniversary, which is just a bit mad.  I think my second post ever included Youngest Biscuits birthday.

I must be off, Biscuits are back at school today, beds are stripped and Stormy (my Dyson that 'looks like a Stormtrooper') wants to come out and play.


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Monday, 17 October 2011

Weekend baking: Cinnamon Buns.

On Saturday I was up early doors so I could make Mr Biscuit Cinnamon Buns for elevenses, from my newest baking book.  I have gone on many a time about my love for Cupcakes from The Primrose Bakery and now there is a new one filled to the brim with deliciousness after deliciousness.  I want, no need to make lots from this book.
The recipe was actually really easy to follow ( I've made lots and lots of bread dough in my time) with helpful images to aid me along but as always, my inability to roll out dough neatly led me to have to try three times for the rectangle needed.  This added lots to the prep time but I got there in the end.

The icing was Mr Biscuit's idea as the recipe didn't call for it.  I have to say the bread like texture of these was somewhat strange (they looked a bit like a pork pie too!) but lovely all the same with the sugary cinnamon flavour.  I didn't do the apricot glaze as Mr Biscuit isn't keen on it.  Also I'm not sure if it was my lack of tight rolling, but masses of the filling leaked out all over the oven, coating it in toffee.  I don't think they were tasty enough to justify having to clean the oven afterwards!  Is anything??
In the end we decided that pastry cinnamon whirls are better.

We ate some none the less and froze the rest.

If you'd like a looksee at the book go on over to

Happy Baking!

I've got a birthday cake based on Driver, San Francisco, lamingtons and miniature coffee & walnut cakes this week!


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Unbrushed hair and a poorly look on my face!

The reason for Monday's clumsiness became clear when I woke up yesterday feeling ill.  Y'know aches and pains, sore head and awful nausea.  I determinedly kept down my morning porridge and cappuccino but was indeed sick sometime after lunch.  I shouldn't have ate it really but I thought the sick feeling had got worse because I was hungry but no, the sick feeling got worse because I was going to be sick.  Yuckity yuck yuck yuck!!
I spent the best part of the day on the sofa, on and off with my laptop and TV wanting and waiting for everyone to come home and accumulatively feeling sorry for myself.  I did get some sewing done....
Today I still feel pants so will try to rest I guess.  Having to miss my 'pretending to be a librarian' morning at nursery but what can you do?

So here's what my day will look like for the best part.....

Dirty dishes and Hortensia on my knee.  I even used my iPhone to take a photo so I wouldn't have to get off the sofa.  Better to embrace the sofa that fight it I figure.  I've started sneezing now so no doubt in a bit this photo would have skanky squished up tissues too.
I am grateful though.  At least these days, with not being required to walk my Biscuits to and from school, I can stay in my jim jams with unbrushed hair and a poorly look on my face.


Monday, 10 October 2011

Monday morning and being clumsy!


I genuinely almost fell out of the bed and no one wants to start their day suddenly finding themselves having to be agile.   I took it for the bad omen it was.  I am indeed in for a clumsy day.  I can sense it.  I made it through getting ready, got downstairs, did not burn toast because I concentrated really hard on the time and then, then, like a fool, I dropped the lid of the orange juice and watched it roll under the freezer.  Aahh!
Youngest Biscuit did his best to retrieve it but in the end I had to go outside in the rain, in my slippers (again FOOL!) to rake about in the recycle bin for another lid. (Notice it doesn't even match!)  I dropped the butter tub at that point and spilled jam everywhere getting it out of the jar.  That was my own fault as the raspberry jam we made looks like Wallace and Gromit jam.  Now don't get me wrong, we don't have manic, stressed out mornings in our house.  We give ourselves plenty of time and don't have to rush about so I have no excuses.  I made a right old drama out of breakfast.

Mr Biscuit has a theory.  He doesn't think I am clumsy at all.  He suggests I don't give my full attention to the job at hand but am thinking of the next or the one after that. 
I have nothing to say about that.
I wouldn't give him the satisfaction.

I'm off for this...

and to write a list of cake ingredients etc for Youngest Biscuit's birthday in less than two weeks.  It all kicks off birthday wise the last week of October round our way.  I like writing a list though and I figure I can't really be clumsy doing that.  May be safer to stay clear of the iron too.  Shame!  I was really looking forward to that today.....


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Nearly Headless Nick..sorry I mean Nearly Wordless Wednesday!

Yesterday afternoon...

I didn't know I had nodded off until my phone beeped and with a thudding heart, my arms flew into the air, my book went flying onto the floor and my mouth went "aarrrhhhhh".



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