Monday, 21 July 2014

Back to basics.

Hello there lovely people.
It has been an age.
Blogging has not been on my my very extensive list of things to do.
I haven't minded....
But I am here today......

I've been pondering of late if my blog title still applies. To the me of the 'now'. You know it has been a few years since I came up with the title and that stemmed from having to come up with a name on Etsy so I could, at the time, buy some buttons. 'cupcakesandbiscuits' seemed apt and fortuitous as it turned out. Adding the 'with love' part to the title of my blog seemed entirely natural as everything made should be made with love in my eyes. And with added cupcakes and biscuits for that matter.  They are the perfect description to me.  A cupcake is a compact, heavenly, fits in the palm of your hand, individual, sponge and buttercream, delight to behold. It is the perfect gift. Biscuits are too. A whole life of memories scattered on a wee vintage plate. A heady mix of childhood favourites and Scottish shortbread.  In my head when I make and bake something, these three things and all their connotations seep in. I cannot help but feel, quite right too.


I can see as I write, the title of my blog still applies and of that I am glad. It helps build that wee bridge back to my blog for me. An aid to a re-connection. 

A similar thing happened with the name of my Etsy shop. I couldn't use 'cupcakesandbiscuits' when I joined Twitter as it didn't fit size wise so I chose 'jammypudding'. I love that name as I love a pudding with jam and sometimes I feel a right jammy pudding. I found Instagram through Twitter and carried on with the name so when it was time to come up for a name for my shop it all fell into place. I love when that happens. It feels like I picked a name that turned out to be perfect for future endeavours. For when I started designing as well as making. When the creative me flowered. 

Next is my new Etsy shop for sewing accessories which I am calling 'jammypudding and custard'. For obvious reasons. Well an obvious love of cake and jam and custard. In that I am forever predictable. An extension of the brooch shop.  I am selling pincushions, scissor fobs and needlebooks already on Instagram but  I'll get the Etsy shop up and running in the near future.

Hopefully there are still willing readers out there to indulge this pondering of mine. I have stripped my blog a bit. Gone back to basics. Let us see what happens next.

Ali x

Find me on Twitter and Instagram as @jammypudding.


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