Friday, 23 September 2011


I decided to print off some of the patterns accumulating on my laptop and boy now I'm feeling a wee bit....forget that negativity.  Let's just say rather than looking on it as lots to do, overwhelming and a long long list, I've decided that it means (poor, poor unfortunate me!) lots and lots of necessary sitting on my bottom watching box sets and films whilst sewing and knitting.  
It's important work I tells ya! 


I loves a homemade Christmas!

I confess though the first thing on this printed out pile that will be made are for me... 

 Surely if I am to work so hard [??!!] for Christmas it is essential for me to be comfortable and cosied up in the feet department.  I found the wool recommended for a bargain price of 12.95 instead of 36.00 for a ten pack.  Shocking for 100% undyed virgin wool!  Not that I need ten balls but everywhere else would have sold only the four required for the same price.  Now I could knit another pair for someone else and have two balls left over for a pair of socks.  Not keen on the word 'smug' but if the feeling fits...

What is on your crafting 'to do' list?


p.s the pattern for the bunny slippers can be purchased from here.  If you'd like to see more of my knits, I am on Ravelry as cupcakeandbiscuit.  You do have to be a member or join to have a looksee  but it's easy to do so and is an amazingly helpful and fun site, lots of available patterns etc.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

An out of body experience??

Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

It's not my fault!  I couldn't  help myself!  Effing Amazon!  It made me buy books I didn't 'need'!  I don't know how I even arrived at the craft book section, let alone the whole site.  
I was hypnotized.
Led by the hand like a distracted toddler unaware that Mummy is going to 'her' bit of John Lewis.

It clearly was not my fault.

That is my story and I am sticking to it I tells ya!!

I'll be telling Mr Biscuit I needed them for Christmas presents that he need not be involved in even a teeny bit.  He'll roll his eyes and hope I won't be asking his opinion (I say opinion, I really mean 'let me discuss this with myself out loud until I come to a decision') on fabric/wool/colour/size/recipient etc etc.  
Besides he'll only find out if I tell him mmmwaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaa!

*shakes fist at Amazon*

*gets excited at thought of new books*

Here's what I bought and of course I am slapping my wrist for the utter lack of self control, sort of, well pretending...

(images from amazon)

Not content with getting a fix myself, I am going to be a 'pusher' and encourage you too.  
Click here for the first, here for the second and you will be taken to the land of temptation otherwise known as

Surely I am not alone in this, I cant' be?


Friday, 9 September 2011

They've all got knits!

Knits in abundance!
Everywhere I look I see AMAZING knits I am simply chomping at the bit to have a go at.

An email from Loop had me smiling and drooling over these..

 deer with antlers hat

woodland hoodlet
(images from Loop)

The patterns are available here at Tiny Owl Knits and here at Loop.  Loop is a fantastic shop and used to sell the amazing Swallow coloured milk casein knitting needles that I love from Australia.  They've not had them in a long while which is such a shame.  I keep meaning to get my brother-in-law to send me some over.  There are many many 'salivating on chin' patterns available and gorgeous yarn, really gorgeous yarn.  It's also one of those mail order shops that wrap your purchases with such care that you almost don't want to open them.  Of course you do.  No amount of well wrapped tissue is going to keep from my new yummy yarn for a squeeze.  I love a squeeze of a ball of yarn.  One of the many reasons why I like a good quality yarn; acrylic doesn't lend itself to an enjoyable squeeze!  If you have never had a look at Loop, I urge you to do so.

The latest post from the purl bee is full of more temptation...

(images from the purl bee)

These images encompass warm tummy favourites of mine; socks, wrist warmers, blankets, stripes and rib stitch.  I love ribs in knitting, ribs and moss!  As the leaves start to turn I find myself day dreaming about yarn, Brittany crochet hooks and knitting needles.  Does anyone else?
If you have never visited the purl bee, please do.  It's very inspiring , full to the gunnels with crochet, knitting and sewing patterns.
Lastly, this blanket.  Again with the hexes!!  From Tiny Owl Knits:

The Beekeeper's Quilt...

  (images from Tiny Owl Knits)

Are they not gorgeous?  Is the blanket not gorgeous?  I am waiting to see if I am lucky enough to win the pattern from a competition at the mollie makes blog, if not I am so so so buying it here or here.

My heart lies on a hexagon blanket!  

So much temptation...

What knits have you spotted?


Friday, 2 September 2011

To everything - turn turn turn. There is a season - turn turn turn. And a time for every purpose under heaven.

Boy is it getting chilly of an evening!  Blankets are coming out and my need for knitting socks is abound.  Luckily that is exactly what I am knitting, therefore contentment follows easily.  I am looking forward to dark evenings cooried up on the sofa with my cats and my man, listening to their snores.  My hard working Mr Biscuit nods off, as often as not, as soon as he sits down.  Hence why I get my nightly cup of tea before his lovely bottom touches the comfy sofa!  
Today it is so dark, I am considering putting a light on.  The Autumn is here.  I've felt it coming for a wee while now.  I realized too that this is to be expected when my boys are three weeks back at school and a lot of you folks out there are ending the summer hols right now.  It is time for the garden furniture to get packed away in the hut for the winter, it's unlikely we'll be using it again so no need for it to sit neglected out in the garden.  That makes me feel bad.  When it's gone my body knows it's past the point of being out there relaxing soaking up [any?!?] sun. It's also time for delicate herbs and flowers to get put in their little plastic greenhouse as frost can come at any point now.  I am craving hearty soups and hot jammy puddings.  I have taken to wearing socks indoors, feeling the need  for cosy toes, and cardigan centred comfort.  Am reading more too.  Finding it easier to not move around so much and to simply sit without necessarily making something with my hands.
I am heart glad the weekend has arrived.  I like getting my men folk around me.  Mr Biscuit is planning a hilly Highland walk on Sunday with a friend though. My boys are still desperate to see the Smurfs film.  Maybe this weekend.  A canal walk for brambles?  I was still picking them at the end of September last year. Cake, in some form or other, is a definite condition for a good weekend, this weekend.

Hope yours is a happy one!



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