Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Blogging and lack thereof...

I cannae be arsed, there I said it. 
I think about my wee blog and I just have nothing to say. Not a thing (or so I thought, well because obviously right now I am writing this post).  I could say I have lost my blogging mojo but that doesnae sit right with me either.  I just think honestly I cannae be arsed because really I am lazy.  I like being creative out there in the thing that is the 'world wide web' but I simply have discovered a quicker way of doing it. A quicker way of posting photos and a quicker response time.  My underlying impatience has won out so yes I adore Instagram.  It is an easy fix but, BUT, like many things I am starting to yearn for a slower pace.  Maybe I want to come back to my wee blog space and take my time again.  To ponder over things rather than give into the random, the now, the 'this just happend' or the 'I just made this'.  I love random and I love quick and for this reason I hardly ever even switch on Hortensia (my laptop) because I have an iphone even though the screen is tiny and typing is a serious pain the the below stairs. It's quick and easy and I like quick and easy (titter yee not!). A habit of such things has been formed and you know what? I miss my blogging friends who are not on Instagram or Twitter but unfortunately many of my favourite bloggers (I assume, like me) have lost their blogging enthusiasm also.  It takes way too long to write up a post and I am always curious about those bloggers who manage posts every other day if not everyday.  The whole 'professional' blogger is a discussion for another day but a lot of people seem to keep up the momentum when I cannot find the energy or enthusiasm for it at all. 

I have a review to write (sorry for the delay dotcomgiftshop) but I haven't got around to it.  I have been sewing lots and baking lots and knitting and crocheting and holidaying and reading and planning and well lots and lots of things we all do all the time and not felt the urge to share ANY it here at all. It just seems like too much effort and too much time taken up to do it.  *sigh*

So what to do?  Do I shut it down, delete, move on and forget about it?  Do I make an effort for whatever reason to plough on?  Do I do it differently so it doesn't eat into my time so much?  Do I NOT make a decision about what to do at all? 

Go with the flow.
See what happens.
Maybe get around to it or not.

Not give a shit either way because in the big scheme of things it's only a blog?

It is not cumpulsary.
It is not an obligation.
It shouldn't be another chore on life's long list of chores.

Presently and for a while it has been a chore.  Something I feel I have been neglecting willfully and with no guilt whatsover if I am honest but I wonder, should I put it to bed and let it sleep an endless sleep or revive it.

I am glad to say I do not have to answer.



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