Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Haggis, 'fantastic' yarn and Dr Scooby!

It'll be a braw, bricht, moonlicht nicht the nicht!
Right I cannae guarantee the bright, moonlit night but it will definitely be braw because this is on the menu for dinner this evening...

Haggis, neeps and tatties!
(don't you like how my tartan material matches the packaging? I'm so anal!!)

I love haggis, no that is untrue, I love Macsween haggis. There are some minging ones (*cough* Halls) out there.  They even do an amazing vegetarian one well worth a taster.  I know some people are put off by it but I have been eating it since I was very wee, long before I knew what it was so it was therefore way past the point of stopping.  I was already hooked.  Growing up we always ate it on Burns Night and must now with my own family.  My Biscuits devour it and although we have it at other times in the year and in other ways, it's tradition to eat it tonight with neeps and tatties.  Cannot wait!

I also have this to show you, my new Mirasol Qina yarn, a gorgeous 80% baby alpaca/20% bamboo spun in Peru.  I have it in mind for a 'fantastic' animal project.  Can you guess which 'fantastic' animal it will be?

Have I said 'fantastic" enough for you to get the clue?

Hopefully I'll get knitting soon, so many projects so little time!

We also had a big drama this morning as Youngest Biscuit's bestest froggy friend Hardy had an accident.  Fell out of bed he did and broke his wee green arm.  First aider cub, Eldest Biscuit, set upon him with a Woody bandana and strapped him up while Youngest Biscuit sang him a lullaby to help him rest.  Poor Hardy!

His best friend Duff is keeping him company.

Unfortunately Eldest Biscuit started to annoy Youngest Biscuit with his, frankly lacking bedside manner, so a new doctor was requested. 

Dr Scooby!

One injection later and Hardy is off to the land of nod (I know his eyes are still open but trust me he is asleep) and a slight confused Scooby is waiting until he is paged again for his services.  I am on nursing duties of course.  I do not mind as Hardy once belonged to me.  I rescued [well bought] him from a pharmacist shelf twenty years ago and named him after the author Thomas Hardy, whose novels I buried my head in at seventeen feeling anguish over Tess and Jude.   Yikes!
I'm pretending to myself I didn't just write twenty years ago....


Friday, 21 January 2011

Looksee what I just pre-ordered!

Tis just a wee bitty exciting but looksee what is coming out in March...

More decadent delights from the hummingbird bakeryI love the first book and have praised some of it's beauties before, banana bread and chocolate muffins specifically.  I love the cookies, all squidgy in the middle.  I recently baked blueberry muffins from it too and they were the best ones we have tried and believe me I have tested many a recipe in the past.  Sure you have to check the website for amendments if, like me, you had an early print, but it is a wonderful book.

Happy, happy times ahead.  Salivating at the thought of seeing the many more images of cakes inside.  
Here's a taster...
all images from amazon.co.uk

Did I say I was excited?
If you would like to pre-order too, click here and you will be swept away to Amazon.


Thursday, 13 January 2011

Annoying phone calls and Scottish Gods!

We all get them and I'm sure you would agree how very, very VERY annoying they are too.  My particular gripe is how once you are done been spoken to like you are a right thicko, if you do assert yourself, i.e say no in a way that means the conversation has nowhere else to go, the other end hang up on you.  No more "How are you today Madam?" or "Hope you are having a good day/morning/afternoon/evening."  So rude and I'm not doing a 'Miranda' camp look to camera here. I'm feeling more of a 'Just been watching The Thick Of It and I'm Scottish so could really come over Malcolm Tucker if I wanted to
[excuse the rudeness of that 'not sure isn't true' line, I mean Peter Capaldi shouting, who isn't a wee bit turned on? And then there's Malcolm AND Jamie together about to burst vital forehead blood vessels.....breath]
and scream such vulgarities I'd sound like the speaking clock I'd be beeping so much and doing the Tucker face  [breath again!]  and generally acting like a crazy, mad woman mentalist'  
Alas, I am never rude even when I am asked if my husband would know.  I do tell fibs, saying things like everything in my home like windows, fitted kitchen etc are under two years old because I know if I say the real age it opens the door to offers.  Don't we all?
A friend told me, at Sky, having worked in the 'talking you in to staying dept' for years, the easiest way to cancel, and this is the most ridiculous thing ever, is to say you are moving to another country....they have nothing to say to that one apparently.  The mind boggles!  This particular friend admits to saying, when she receives annoying calls at home, her partner has died just to get people off the phone which I think is hilarious but could never say myself.
So today I stopped myself from swearing down the phone and abusing someone in a wonderfully horrific way.  I'm sure if it did happen I would be forgiven when I explained I'd had an afternoon of the Scottish Gods, Malcolm and Jamie.    [I wish!!!!]


Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The 52 Marvellous Makes Madness Challenge - Weeks 17-24!

Hey Check me out!
Mrs Organized I ams......so here's me feeling smug that I did indeed make a list of sorts of what week was what and indeed I forgot to photograph some makes (I am so so bad a remembering to photograph gifts before I hand them over!) and had to exchange a couple for baking...lots of baking then, but what is Christmas without lots of joyous mixing in the kitchen?

Scream if you wanna go faster!
Here we go!

Week 17 - stockings    Ickle ones attached to and i-cord, knitted up from a free pattern available at Little Cotton Rabbits from the amazing Julie, famed for her delightful bunnies.  I'd like to be her when I grow up.  If I knit for the rest of my days I shall never be as neat as her but I shall endeavor to try.

Week 18 - hot water bottle cover    Made up, could be better, say no more about it. My friend was pleased though...

Week 19 - pear brooch    Should be with it's partner of a larger needlebook [both designed by me] but like I say RUBBISH at taking photos sometimes.  A birthday gift for my mother-in-law.

Week 20 - wrist warmers    Another pattern I got from Julies blog, a joy to knit! Christmas gifts for two lovely ladies.


Week 21 - door curtains    One of two.  I am very proud of these as they are "What I call" proper sewing and I've never done anything like this before, lined and everything!  Gave it a go without instruction and am still in shock they a) look like curtains b) work like curtains and c) are not skew-wiffy!!!

Week 22 - christmas cake    I've never made this before either as I don't like fruit cake.  Obviously I baked it a while a go [the best smelling cake I've ever baked] as a huge ten inch square to be cut up and shared out with family and had to as I felt something was missing from my life as someone who bakes not to bake one of these each year.  I admit to picking some of the fruit out as I eat it but it's very yummy.  I suppose if I was ever going to enjoy a fruit cake it was going to have to be a home made one.

Week 23 -  mini apple pies    After confessing my loathing of dried fruit it's no surprise at Christmas time I don't make mince pies.  These, my friends, are no inferior alternative.  Delightful 'pop in your mouth' melting, citrusy, yumminess!  From Nigella's 'before she became a caricature' Feast.

Week 24 - christmas cupcakes    Man how I adore these.  May well be my favourite cupcake ever, dense, chocolatey and slightly spiced.  I've made them each year since Nigella's Domestic Goddess book came out and constrain myself by not making them at any other point of the year.  You know traditions and all that.

Take a deep breath......lots more crafty delights planned for the 28 weeks left to do!
 Here's to 2011 and I shall leave you with easily my favourite gift, given to me by a teenage boy.
A testament to what I am all about...



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