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The 52 Marvellous Makes Madness Challenge - Weeks 28 - 32 The Anniversary special!

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Five years ago in January Mr Biscuit and I got wed. You see us above, having a smooch cutting our cake (I had to get the cake in!).  For an anniversary gift this year I offered a bake of his choice for each week representing a year.  He's not called Mr Biscuit for no reason!

The 52MMMC Anniversary Special....

Week 28 

He would have me bake these every other day if he could.  From Nigella's Feast.  Very moreish and I love filling and sandwiching these biscuits.  A kitchen job that soothes the soul.  Like most of this Anniversary Special list, I had to make double batches so there was enough for us all.  Mr Biscuit devours biscuits!

Week 29

You've probably spotted the whacking great error here, no actual bourbons.  The story goes, I made them the day before I had surgery (had to be in my kitchen to settle my nerves) and totally neglected to take any photos of them before they were scoffed.  I was in a lot of pain and medicated up to the eyeballs if you remember so I'm sure you'll forgive me.  I based the recipe loosely on the above custard cream one (Mr Biscuit's idea/wish) obviously omitting the custard powder and adding cocoa and dark chocolate to the mixture.  I can't really remember how they tasted.  I'm sure I dunked them in tea to soften so I could manage them with a sore mouth.  They have been requested again therefore must have been alright.

Week 30

Technically called Anzac biscuits but not in our house.  From a recipe by Mary Berry.  Again Mr Biscuit would have me tied to the cooker constantly supplying him with these biscuits, he adores them. I have been making these for years and years from various recipes.   They are fantastic with a cuppa and a sure way to keep the menfolk of the house happy.

Week 31

I have a wee confession...I persuaded Mr Biscuit to request these by reminding him of one he had at a wee deli coffee shop in Kelso last year whilst holidaying at Easter time. I really fancied making them for the first time and grab an opportunity to use my special tins.  They did not disappoint.  Gorgeous wee things from a Gordon Ramsay recipe in a Good Food magazine.  In fact they were so delicious that for the first time in the 52mmm challenge I repeated myself and they became...

Week 32 (too)

We could not help it.  We were quite overcome by how delightful these little cakes are.  In celebration of a new found love I made this...

I do love brooches so.   
In fact here are some new purchases from the shop where I have already purchased brooches in the shapes of a custard cream, bourbon and jammy dodger.  A fantastic shop at Folksy now called CorBlimey Designs.  A pink shrimp and a white chocolate mouse...

I love themI am a huge fan of nostalgic brooches and sweeties and biscuits....

So that's it for The Anniversary Special 
Mr Biscuit and I did take our time in getting wed, together nine years before, but if we hadn't then we would have missed the chance of seeing our then four and two year old Biscuits looking adorable in kilts and aran jumpers. 

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I'm sure you agree!



  1. What a great idea! All your bakes look yummy - especially so as I am having a sweet tooth moment right now, one that the stale untoasted teacake I just ate has not satisfied! I have now got out some baking ingredients to follow your example...
    The Biscuit youngsters look smashing in their outfits!(As do you two!)

  2. How fantastic, he is a very lucky man indeed. They all look very delicious.
    Happy Anniversary! A little late but I'm sure you kept it quiet.
    And how nice to see you both too, and yes the boys are totally adorable.

  3. awwwwwww I loved your post today! SO nice to see your wedding piccie!! happy anniversary x x x x

  4. Another Madeleine lover here.......... just have to be eaten as soon as possible...... terrible, isn't it?

  5. All those biscuits looked amazing and I bet they tasted as good as they looked. Your two little biscuits look adorable in their kilts. I hope he appreciates you! Sue x

  6. Lovely wedding photo! Love the 2 little Biscuits in their kilts too. Well done on all the baking - I'm surprised you're not all the size of houses! I daren't keep biccies in the house - I'd scoff the lot!

  7. What a fabulous way to celebrate an anniversary! I love biscuits, as does Mr Fluffcake, but I must confess to only ever having madeleines from the supermarket out of a packet - i bet yours are dreamy in comparison, mmmm...

  8. I've never made madelaines but adore them so really really must try. Love the picture of the boys in kilts particularly the youngest. Fab expression x

  9. What a lovely idea! Happy anniversary x

  10. Happy Anniversary and how adorable ALL of your biscuits are! Always fancied having a go a madeleines, a biscuit with it's own special tin is surely worthy of a looksee and yours look gorgeous, as too does the cutsie pin. x

  11. Happy Anniversary, and what a special way to celebrate! I cannot believe all the different biscuits you made, even custard creams! The madeleines look amazing, would like to have a go at those.
    Love the little madeleine brooch too, and your other quirky ones are fun.
    Your little boys look so cute in their kilts!
    PS did you doctor the secure word - it started with kilt!!!!!

  12. Happy Anniversary! What wonderful biscuit gifts and gorgeous photos...your boys look lovely in their kilts. xxx

  13. Ohhh what a supa catch you are. I can see why your hubby loves you soo, tehe! MmmMm those treats all look so lickerty lips tasty. Loving your Wedding piccy's n all and the wee biccy's look sooooooo cute and adorables. Loves Ionwen XXX

  14. Thank you lovely ladies for your comments!
    I have to say all the menfolk if my house take the bakes and home cooking etc for granted although Hubby has been away all week working, eating mediocre hotel food and did say he's looking forward to some decent cooking when he gets home, bless!
    They are spoiled...but I cannot deny they deserve it!
    p.s make madeleines, they are the easiest wee things to make. Check out the Good Food website for the recipe I used. I'm going to try ginger ones next!

  15. hello!

    Oooh I love those biscuit photos, look at those custard creams!!! Wow!
    And now, Im going to sweet talk you into signing up for Being Creative (ha-ha)
    It's one of those lovely projects that you can do regularly or at random, so if you are busy with other things then you can skip a month and come by the following..sort of like that, it's easy and flexible, you give as much as you want - or not.
    It's going to be fabulous to see what comes of this, so I hope you will join me..go on, you know you want to!! :D
    Sending love, Julia x

  16. Must try to make some madeleines this weekend - ginger sounds good.
    Thanks for visiting my blog - yes, the weather is crazy at the moment with Scotland still having snow whilst we are having a taste of spring!
    The snow is a good excuse for being in a warm kitchen and doing lots of baking though!
    Have a great weekend!
    Gill x

  17. Wow!!!! How clever you are to make all those biscuits!! I've never tried biscuits - (making - not eating, I've tried that!!!!) but I'm sure mine wouldn't look like yours if I did!
    Your little biscuits look adorable in their kilts and jumpers. So sweet!xx

  18. Happy belated anniversary dear Ali and Mr Ali.

    I let out a little 'shriek' when I saw your gorgeous photos. Such loveliness.


  19. Yummy blog! Thanks for taking a look at my blog also. I'll be opening my tearoom on Old Dumbarton Road in Glasgow. You living in Livingston means there's no excuse not to visit when I'm open (especially with the new direct train to Glasgow ;-) )xx


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