Friday, 1 March 2013

Beavering away....

I have been such a busy bee lately preparing for the opening of my Etsy shop jammypudding next week. Investing a not insubstantial amount of pennies on supplies and sewing like a wee trooper to build up stock.

These are what I am selling...

Lovely (if I do say so myself) felt brooches.

Some of the designs go way back to 2010 and I have been making them as gifts ever since but finally decided it was time to share my love of brooches with any one willing to part with their hard earned pennies for them. I'm selling them already on Instagram (since yesterday) and am pleased to say that I have sold some already. It feels lovely actually. Lovely that someone wants them, lovely that I made them with my (sh*t, less than 5 weeks till 40 year old) hands.  Lovely that I feel competent I know what I am doing and am organised. Lovely to spend lots of time sewing, watching Heroes on LoveFilm and it feeling like a job.
To be fair lately it has stopped me furfilling other creative urges but I am nothing if not committed so I kept at it even though I have a list of wishes and WIPS as long as my arm. It just feels like the right time.

So I am taking photos to edit, ready to list on Etsy very soon so if you are looking for a wee gift for yourself or another come have a looksee when I open.
Or if you are in need right now get in touch, (contact details at the top of this page).


Find me on Instagram and Twitter as jammypudding.


  1. Hello stranger! How exciting! A wee shop of your very own. It really is quite good fun over on etsy, I do love my shop even though I don't get many customers at the moment...!
    Good luck and hope to pop in after the Grand Opening.

  2. They all look lovely! Good luck with the selling of them, I am sure they will fly out the door. Sue x

  3. Oooo They are so cute. Good Luck. Jude.x

  4. Cutsie brooches! Good luck with the new venture I'm sure it will be a great success. Encouraged me to actually think about my shop which has pretty much been empty since I opened several years ago!!! x

  5. Feeling very smug right now that I already own some of these lovely things :D x

  6. Congratulations on setting up your etsy shop. your items are lovely I hope it all works out well...I'm sure it will


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