Friday, 20 May 2011

The 52 Marvellous Makes Madness Challenge - Weeks 35 - 40!

Hello and welcome to the next batch of marvellous makes...

Week 35

Butterfly and bunny key rings.
Made for a schoolfriend of Eldest Biscuit to take along to her Saturday night party.  Can't remember the last time I was invited to a party on a Saturday night!!
Made up from felt, fabric and buttons from their respective stashes.  A bit of making fun!

 Week 36

Owl egg cosy.
Made from a tutorial from LucyKate for one of the Nursery Nurses where I help out (pretend I have a career as a Librarian) of a Wednesday morn.  Last year I made her an owl brooch for her birthday not knowing she has collected owly things for years and years so this year when I spotted this cosy I knew who would love one.  

Week 37

I make bread often but I thought homemade bread deserves to be in this as it is indeed a marvellous thing to make.  Have tried many different recipes but always come back to Jamie O.

Week 38

Bunny egg cosy.
Made from a Little Cotton Rabbits pattern.  Made for youngest Biscuit's teacher at Easter.  Eldest Biscuit didn't agree that his [gorgeous, young] male teacher would want one.  Made with various 4 ply from my wool stash.

 Weeks 39 and 40

Chocolate cake - again and again.  
 Seeing how my craft making mojo was being a fickle friend...
 Made as week 39 only to be required the next week very last minute for a work friend of Mr Biscuit.  I didn't take any photos of the second one, last minute like I said, so am making up for it by the above photo compilation extravaganza.

Only 16 makes left!  

Have a lovely weekend peeps and if praying to a God of Weather would help, please let this incessant rain stop and let there be sun.  I like a bit of rain but c'mon!!!

edit  3pm  -it has rained here for the last two weeks.  Not all day but enough to make hanging out washing risky and a nice seat out all but impossible.  Oh and it's been cold....


Monday, 16 May 2011

Feeling like a hormonal Keith Lemon.....

...and this is why.


Who knows how it is that my wrist is in this state today? 
Am rubbish at typing with one finger let alone my left hand.  
So why am I?  
A blatant non-apologetic need for sympathy I'm afraid.
My hormone riddled body wants to weep for the pain, the inconvenience and the unfairness if it.
I had so many plans...scunnered now.  
Under strict instructions not to use it.
Must fight the childish rebelliousness in me to do what the buggery I want, sore wrist or no sore wrist.

Could be worse I know, I could have dodgy eighties hair and a tash.


Monday, 9 May 2011

It's most definitely unusual...

...for me to have absolutely nothing to say but alas that is how it has been.  
For weeks now when I think of my ickle blog, I realize, sure enough absolutely nothing to say.  
I've lots I could talk about.....organizing and decorating instead of intended camping trip over the hols - boring but necessary if I want a craft room this year.  Easter family celebrations at my in-laws and accidentally getting very drunk, had to send myself off to bed very early for me to ward off the chance of vomit. Hubby did not let it lie at all, for days.  I'm too old and obviously a shandy lightweight when it comes to afternoon to evening drinking!!!  
Eldest Biscuit's 10th birthday - how can a decade pass so fast?.  Youngest Biscuit loosing his top two teeth in the same weekend - who knew he could get any more cute?  Painful orthodontist visits (is there any other type?) - at least one more year to go thanks to waiting a year and a half for minor surgery.  Sitting in the garden reading.  Watching Masterchef - I couldn't bear Tom and Sarah not winning too.  Losing my making mojo only to find it briefly and sporadically only to lose it again and again - effing HATE that. Watching E.T for the first time in a long long time - laughing at the blonde wig and hat and crying (you know when).  Being terrified by The Silence in Doctor Who.  Remembering again why Mr Biscuit is most definitely the best man in the universe for me.
Making plans, always making plans - holidays, garden, alfresco eating, quilts, my 'running away from the menfolk' craft room.   
Ooh and chocolate.

Maybe now I've said all that I can get back to blogging about pants.  Intrigued, are you not??



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