Monday, 9 May 2011

It's most definitely unusual...

...for me to have absolutely nothing to say but alas that is how it has been.  
For weeks now when I think of my ickle blog, I realize, sure enough absolutely nothing to say.  
I've lots I could talk about.....organizing and decorating instead of intended camping trip over the hols - boring but necessary if I want a craft room this year.  Easter family celebrations at my in-laws and accidentally getting very drunk, had to send myself off to bed very early for me to ward off the chance of vomit. Hubby did not let it lie at all, for days.  I'm too old and obviously a shandy lightweight when it comes to afternoon to evening drinking!!!  
Eldest Biscuit's 10th birthday - how can a decade pass so fast?.  Youngest Biscuit loosing his top two teeth in the same weekend - who knew he could get any more cute?  Painful orthodontist visits (is there any other type?) - at least one more year to go thanks to waiting a year and a half for minor surgery.  Sitting in the garden reading.  Watching Masterchef - I couldn't bear Tom and Sarah not winning too.  Losing my making mojo only to find it briefly and sporadically only to lose it again and again - effing HATE that. Watching E.T for the first time in a long long time - laughing at the blonde wig and hat and crying (you know when).  Being terrified by The Silence in Doctor Who.  Remembering again why Mr Biscuit is most definitely the best man in the universe for me.
Making plans, always making plans - holidays, garden, alfresco eating, quilts, my 'running away from the menfolk' craft room.   
Ooh and chocolate.

Maybe now I've said all that I can get back to blogging about pants.  Intrigued, are you not??



  1. hahahahaha, that has truly tickled me. Thanks chicka. I love your blog for the down to earth wanting to know more stuff! I can chat for England but find it hard expressing myself in words sometimes. Great post pippin. Keep em coming, tehe! Loves Ionwen XXX p.s. still sniggering about the "accidental' drunkness, that's me all over!!! X

  2. I'd been wondering if you were ok. I lost my crocheting motivation recently to the point where I am thinking my blog is misnamed! Still seem to find stuff to witter on about though. I'm sure your creativity will be back soon.
    By pants do you mean trousers or knickers? Pants are trousers to me!

  3. 'ello missus. I too am an afternoom into evening lightweight drinker. Makes us cheap dates tho'! Ax

  4. Some intriguing snippets there, pants (of course) but more especially the craft room bit - sounds v exciting! I love the idea of being an Accidental Drunkard!

  5. I have only just got back on the blogging horse after having a really dry period where I felt I had nothing to say! As for craft mojo.... lol! Enjoyed reading your post! xx

  6. Can't wait to see your craft room - hope you're going to post lots of pics - before and after!!!
    I think making stuff is like writing - you need to keep doing it even when you're not particularly inspired, just a little and then suddenly it will be okay again! missed your posts, glad you're back. x

  7. I know just where you are coming, from having a bit of a struggle blogging myself just now!
    Your post made me laugh.

  8. Love your humour! Loved this post!!!!!!


  9. Helloooo dear Ali. I've missed your posts, pants or no pants!

    Know what you mean, I think most of us get a bit 'blah' sometimes. Mind you, you could post about what you've had for supper each night and it would still be entertaining!

    Do show us your craft room when it's ready ...


  10. I love your honesty!
    Its your blog you can say what you darn well like when you like - or not!
    I'm the opposite at the moment, being a relative newby, too many post ideas and not enough time. But i guess once its all off my chest i will probably have sickened myself of it!
    Thanks for your comment, no they just don't understand how our wonderfully flexible brains work do they! After 30 years the way i operate is still a mystery to Mr G, apart from he knows to expect the unexpected!
    have a great day!
    Gill xx


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