Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The 52 Marvellous Makes Madness Challenge - Weeks 33 and 34!

Hello, hello bonny bloggers.  

First things first, my oven is mended, yay!!!  Relief....must bake something today (am thinking scones).  There was a slight delay in it taking a few days to realize buying over the net was the way to go as our local shops were pants.  We managed fine without an oven in the main due to me having a cold over the weekend. Ladies you may know what I mean when I say, if I'm poorly not much meal production happens at the hands of Mr Biscuit. 
Why is it that after a busy busy time you catch a cold?  It's a bit worrying that the night before it hit I was handling cakes at the schools Birthday celebrations baking stall.  If any of you have never had the pleasure (???) of manning a baking stall let me tell you it's insane!!!  Unbelievably busy!  The teachers helping me didn't believe me when I said to get ready for it to get scary.  It'll be like childbirth, I'll forget how bad it is by the time I'm asked to do it again.  There are perks as you get to choose what you want before it sells/sells out, on this night meringues and cream, yummy!!
The Biscuits school was celebrating it's 40th Birthday and it was cool to see photos of Mr Biscuit all Ginger and clad in 70's brown fairisle jumpers.  Not so good was the idea to light lanterns in the playground, at one point it was like The Hindenburg, watching one burning away to nothing not very high up in the air.  All the health and safety plans went out of the window when people realized it was better to use a lighter rather than queuing to get to a designated lighter, it got a bit scary with kids running around chasing lit ones.  It probably seemed like a great idea in the meetings...
Eldest Biscuit was also in a production of Oliver.  School productions and assemblies are always a joy to witness.

So to business...

Week 33 

I find it ridiculous that no matter how many (cough four) pin cushions I have, when I am sewing I inevitably have to stretch my way around mess - messy pup remember? -  to reach whichever one[s] I have out to get a pin so I thought one of these fellas might be handy.  It is, I am happy to report!  A wee simple rosebud made of felt sewn on to a ring, easy peasy!

Week 34

A Fish[y] brooch.

Made for a birthday gift on a creative whim giving a bit of freehand/machine embroidery a go.  I'm not entirely happy with it but....  Made with felt, fabric from my stash and the dinkiest wee spotty 'love bug' button.  I like to describe these buttons as raindrops on fingertips.  They are available from lovepaperfish.com if you'd like some.

More weeks to come....



  1. Glad you are back in the land of the baking (and feeling better from your cold too!) Cute pincushion! I have the same problem - never seem to have one close enough to hand - pins always end up between my teeth...

  2. Glad you have an oven again now! My pin situation is such that they are all on the bottom (loose) of my sewing box. Everytime I stick my hand in and it comes out looking like a pin cushion I promise myself to sort it out! Those lanterns are a nightmare. I have visions of them setting fire to neighbours washing or worse! Hope you are feeling better soon. Sue x

  3. Glad you can get back to baking! Have a lovely day xxx

  4. I love the idea of the pin cushion ring, how wonderful I should make myself one I am forever losing my pin cushions too.
    Kandi x

  5. Weeeeeeeeeee, cooker all mended! Whoop whoop, let's bake a cake to celebrate twinks. Mind scones sound darn tasty n all!!! I'm loving you wee fishy brooch, funny how we're never quite happy with our own works hey?!?! Loves Ionwen XXX

  6. Glad you have an oven again :) I like the little pin cushion ring - cute idea. Our garden backs onto a field and it was littered with those lanterns at New Year - they look great, but aren't too good for animals when they land' I think.

  7. That is one cute ring pin cushion! Loving the fishy eye from Ms Fish........ it sets it off a treat!

  8. Good to hear you're back in baking business again!
    School cake stall sounds a worse scrum than our used to be, but then we only had to man a stall for half hour slots!
    Thankyou for kindly sending a birthday wish to my daughter's 16th - i shall let her know.
    Sweet makes - the pincushion ring is a fab idea
    Happy Baking!!!

  9. Lol, I am the same with the pins !! I love the fishy brooch and I am sure whoever you have made it for will LOVE it ! Hope you are feeling much better, Nic xx

  10. Hello!
    Dropping by for a peek. Love the wee ring, I have several pin pots too and do exactly the same thing, always searching and stretching! :) Kirsty

  11. I love all your ideas, the flower pin cushion is very cute!

  12. He he I love that its not just me who gets stressed out at the school cake stall and thats just when I'm buying them!!!....its mayhem.
    also your comment about Moz in the bath made me giggle ....a lot :)
    x x x x x xx


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