Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Me and my pot - a tale of love[s] in the kitchen!

I admit, using humongous pots really does it for me in the kitchen, well does it for me full stop.  I'll double (or triple or quadruple) any old recipe so I can justify using this stockpot.  Even using a long wooden spoon to stir, I still have to get my arm inside, stirring and turning, turning and stirring. 
I feel truly at one with the world stirring, well anything. 
Or like a dinner lady from favourite childhood stories or a witch mixing up her brew to poison a princess.
To be honest I could do with one a bit smaller as you can see that this four litre plus soup barely comes up halfway.  My next largest pot (which is still pretty huge) simply cannot hold the quantities I like to make.  Hubby says I don't need (urgh!!!!) one but I say as long as it fits inside this one no extra cupboard space is required.  That's as practical as I get.  At Christmas time we have to tell the butcher it's measurements to make sure the enormous ham we buy each year for the 'Eve will fit in it.  
It is masseeeeve!  I lurve it. It has lived with us for five years and will do so forever and ever and ever...... 
On Saturday it did it's job providing us with pea and ham [from a chicken!!] soup for having in mugs after a lovely long Sunday walk.
A huge sigh for me and my pot.

If we are all in for more 'what does it for me in the kitchen/kitchen porn' (I have a long list).......

I know, I know, more cake!

It cannot be just me who feels this way about kitchen paraphernalia, can it?  I haven't even mentioned my love for ladles or colanders or cake spatulas, or knives or measuring spoons or Kitchenaids and Magimixes or aprons or cake tins or pie dishes or.....I really do have a long list.



  1. Nope, it's not just you...I have a BIG thing for kitchen stuff....trouble is though, I have a small kitchen!

    I have a things for jars and containers of any type and things to store pretty utensils in. I am running out of worktop and have to 'rotate'!!!!!

    Whenever I visit a homeware store, look on a site or catalogue, I ALWAYS go to the kitchen dept first!

    Ahhhhh Bliss!

    Have a super day!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxx

  2. You are not alone! I have a similar stock pot which I love to use and I also have a penchant for cake and tart tins. I used to make puddings and cakes for a pub and have every imaginable size and shape...By the way, those cupcakes look scrummy!

  3. I love my toaster. And my pastry brush. Oh, and I'm quite attached to my little enamel milk pan.
    And the egg bowl and the colander. Did I mention my pastry brush??? Ax

  4. white enamel pie tins with the blue edge... loose bottomed flan magimix... and I have a set of oval measuring spoons that I think are my best ever kitchen purchase (the round ones can't get into small jars, can they?). Ooohhh, and I love measuring cups - I have 2 sets.
    I am not much of a one for stirring. Not even risotto.
    I like your glass topped cake stand. x

  5. Alix, I dream of owning every cake and pudding tin.
    Pastry brushes, namesake, I have three!
    Enamel milk pan and pie tins - check!
    Victoria those are my favourite measuring spoons too for exactly the reason you said! The cake stand was from Ikea for about 13.99, a bargain. It's perfect for us as we eat everything I bake so quickly, who needs airtight tupperware?

    I knew it couldn't be just me. xx

  6. Am loving the stock pot - it's bigger than my kitchen! I have been looking everywhere for a cupcake stand like that, Ikea here I come! Cupcakes are looking good. Sue x

  7. I have a confession Ali, you've forced it out of me --- I am in love with my kitchenaid mixer - its black and shiny and solid! I LOVE it.
    Also a bit of a sucker for anything kitchen-y that comes in pale pink. xx

  8. oh yes you are so right! enamel milk pans....especially is they are pastel coloured with a contrast trim!! .....kitchenalia? whats not to love?! x

  9. not alone love! Kitchen porn, bring it. I'm a big fan of kitchenaid, le crueset and sabatier are all my daily lusty workmen. The mr bought me a josephjoseph potato masher and an orla kiely bread bin for christmas {and I was ridiculously excited}......sooo couldn't have got away with that 10 years ago!!!!

  10. Wonderful pan, wonderful post. In answer to your question: the cockerel's name is "Bamboo" (he came ready named) and he's not going anywhere near your pan! ;O)

  11. OoOoo divine babsawinkle. Thing is the kitchen is the heart of the home. All toasty n cosy all that good stuff. When we do our kitchen/diner/lounge up soon I am having all my kitchen bits n bobs all on show so the world can see the gorgeousness of each piece. Canna wait. Lots of of my stuff at the mo is hidden in cupboards or in the loft. Eeeeek n also we're treating ourselves to an Aga, whoop whoop. Happy home here we come. Can I just say n all twinks, I do so look forward to your posts!!! Loves Ionwen XXX

  12. Nothing wrong with the size pot you have - it looks great, can never have enough I say. Like you I love kitchenalia! top of my want list at the moment is a Kitchenaid mixer, I can hear mumblings of I can wish!! Just come across your lovely blog, no I shouldn't as I am trying to loose weight at the moment, but I can look at your lovely cakes though!

  13. Jill, I'll be the devil on your shoulder. I love my kitchenaid, it's my star of baking. It's wonderful to just leave it gently creaming butter and sugar together whilst you do other things and comes into it's own when whipping up frosting. You know you want to!
    Ionwen, exciting times!

  14. Those types of things stir me, I need them. Need them I tell you.

  15. I too can understand where you are coming from.I have only just started making my own fruit pies and have very quickly developed a penchant for pretty pie dishes... where will it all end?? x

  16. oh yes, i too am a big fan of kitcheny stuff. i also have an enormous stockpot, trouble is i don't have a powerful enough hob and it takes for-e-ver to bring anything to the boil!

  17. You are so right, you can't beat a good big pot!! They are so useful and so satisfying to use, I can identify with you completely!!
    I have a thing about baking dishes - am always justfiying how I need another as its just the perfect size for making this or that in - latest is a sweet round two handled red with white polka dots!!!.
    Gill x


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