Wednesday, 2 March 2011

I'm going with Plan B.

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I cannot help myself.
Listening to The Defamation of Strickland Banks is like reading a novel.  
I live each each song like chapters, engrossed in plot shifts and twists, my imagination thoroughly captured.
I get caught up in the injustice - how could someone lie like that?
I am scared for him in jail.
I wish I could take his guilty feelings away.
I worry about his sanity and anger with God.
About his loss of love and most of all I want to know what the jury decided they were 'gonna do' at the end.
I am, I suspect, feeling exactly how Ben Drew wanted me to.
I am transported back and forward through time, melodic soul and urban rap.
I am touched by the bittersweet love songs and on edge all at once.
It makes me thinks of Marvin Gaye and those soul songs I used to dance to in clubs.

Don't you just love the power of music?


p.s what are you listening to?


  1. Wow great words. Love it. I'm currently listening to a bit of this n a bit of that!!! My two absolute fave tunes at the moment are; "The Naked & Famous, Young Blood" and "My Chemical Romance, Sing". I turn that dial up HIGH and I shimmy shimmy about the place, singing at the top of my voice. Great wee picture hey!!! Always refreshes my mind and sure puts a smile on my face!!! Ionwen X

  2. A very good album. I am listening to Adele at the moment. I love her voice, only wish I had her talent rather than sounding like I am being throttled. Sue x

  3. I agree, his album's amazing. Just like a story, it's really clever! I like his album so much I've got two copies of it :-S ha! Long story short, I bought the album for myself when it came out at then at xmas I asked for Olly Murs but unwrapped Plan B again! My mom's not up-to-date with all these musicians!! Enjoy listening :-) xx

  4. Great album.
    I am deeply addicted to the Jim Jones Revue loving the fifties type vibe to it.

  5. Evening Namesake.
    At last blogger has alowed me to follow you! Pancakes for breakfast are indeed a treat. We always have them when it snows on school days (not too frequent a breakfast in Cambridge then...)
    Hope all's good with you. Ax


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