Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I am smitten, Chief!

He has an accent and sideburns to die for, Boss.  
Mucky hands from grafting, Driver.  
Rides motorbikes really fast, Chief. 
Will happily drink tea all day, Boss and has a Narrowboat.

What more could a girl want, Chief?

I am smitten!

Now which photo to choose...Fred Dibnah lookalikey overalls or leathers?

Hell...first get the Narrowboat in!!

(image from motorcyclenews.com)

Okay then, leathers too...

(image from picasa)

Okay, if you insist one more...

(image from bikeracingnews.co.uk)

Is that enough? No you say....

(image from grannybuttons.com)

Did I say I was smitten?

Catch the lovely Guy Martin on BBC, Sunday evenings or iplayer.



  1. Ah Yes, I have been taking a sneeky peek at this tasty morsel (hubby won't watch - say's it rubbish! what does he know!) Sue x

  2. Definitely smitten!! Thankyou for your comments re hummingbird bakery book. have got the primrose hill one tooo, very good and no problems so far. xxx

  3. It has to be said that even at the tender age of 57 I harboured rather impure thoughts about this young man when I watched the first programme.............

  4. what programme??? can't help feeling that sewing every evening and hardly watching any tv has its disadvantages!! feel completely out of it!! who is that???? those leathers are very nice though - is he the replacement for Lark Rise???

  5. Oooh, it's good we're all different, isn't it - don't fancy him at all! (putting aside the fact that I'm old enough to be his ma!) Nice eyes, granted. Enjoy! Abby x

  6. 100% in agreement - have exchanged comments with another blogger on this subject! Last two photos for me, Chief! I like that he is so natural and unaffected - and I'm not talking about the episode when he was in the buff!

  7. God yes I have to join the Swoon Club for this chap, Ive watched his barge program and cant remember much about it as was too busy watching him (lol), eye candy of the highest order, thank you for the mouth watering pictures too!

    Julia x

  8. I have been watching this...Russ keeps counting how many times he says chief and spoiling it for me :) xxx

  9. Sorry guys - just don't understand the lust thing going on here! Great programme though.

  10. gahhhhhh me toooooo!! Watched it last night! MrB asked this morning, 'did he manage to fix the shower' (as he fell asleep!)...

    'hmmmmmmm shower what shower?'



  11. I have awarded you with a 'Stylish Blogger Award'. Check out the link for further info. http://thekraftycupcake.blogspot.com/2011/03/award-for-me.html

  12. I've no idea who this guy is but I like him ! I like the sideburns....think Gaz from Supergrass but cuter x x x x x x x


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