Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Hello hello, is anyone still out there?

Oh my it really has been the longest while since I blogged.  No excuses given, I simply haven't.  That's a bit of a fib I realize.  Whenever I think about having to organize my thoughts, cables for cameras etc I let out a huge sigh and think '*$!* it I'll do it later!'.
Later, invariably, never comes.
I have things to show you, subjectively feel good ta-dahs. Revelations on new crafty endeavours and new skills learned.  The discoveries of free machine embroiderey; being both 'so my thang' and sewn text neater than my actual handwriting.  A handmade Christmas (even though I promised myself I would buy more) and a poorly Christmas.
Last year was the year I fell out of like with blogging but this year, this lovely 2013 where I turn 40, I am determined I am getting back my blogging mojo.  I am planning a revamp, a reclaiming of  my cyber space. I am opening an Etsy shop soon too to sell my brooches so keep an eye out for that. I am focusing on 'keeping it real' which, for me, means remembering I am at my very core a blether, a chatterer, a verbal vomiting type and cannot compete (and don't want to) with any other blog. That I do not have to always have photos or subjects and definitely will  NOT be offering advice on how to use old plastic hand cream containers or tights. I forgot after a certain amount of time blogging why I started. I got bogged down with thoughts of 'what are you trying to say?', 'who are you trying to say it to?' and silly things like that.  Feckadoodle!! What on earth possessed me to have silly ponderings like that? I obviously was having a wobble!
All I want to do is chat, be creative and entertain myself and hopefully you lovely peeps who take the time to read my posts!
Sounds simple enough. Although I have had a thought, earlier on I wrote 'keeping it real'. OMFG! Wait a minute "OMFG"???? I fear I have swallowed an old person trying to be 'down with the kids'.  Oh dear....

Oh and 40!! How and when did enough time pass for that to be happening this year?

Hope you are all fine and dandy my intersweb pals. I have been as negligent of your blogs as I have mine for which I am sorry, I bet I missed loads of lovely posts.


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