Thursday, 11 March 2010

Waiting for pain.........

waiting room, forgotten book, hot and stuffy....waiting for pain.

It was expected after all, having missed my last orthodontic appointment eight weeks previously (a total of 14 weeks -eek!!) I knew I was in for a rather large bout of it.  It would be unfair to say the actual consultation is painful, uncomfortable is the word.  I get to lay down and have a lovely view of Edinburgh Castle, albeit a blurred view with my specs off.  My consultant, the lovely Dr GC is gentle with me and has the most trusting blue eyes but afterwards, when those wires have been changed, boy my teeth hurt.
I reiterate, why I let myself be talked into this brace malarkey I'll never know.  It was never discussed as a youth.  Not until I needed oral surgery (because someone suddenly decided that something that had always been there, now needed to go) a couple of years ago and had to pay a visit to the orthodontist and he (curse those trusting eyes!) wanted to *fix* me.  I think he actually saw it as some kind of challenge and when someone says two years you don't actually think what that means.  So here's me, metal mouthed with screws in my palate and upper jaw and elastics that thankfully only have to put on of an evening now but before for a long while, it was like playing Operation placing those things around the braces, only to be removed to eat, clean my teeth or renew (each day), not being able to open my mouth or yawn properly without it hurting or snapping the darn things.  Brushing has become an 'event' with extra equipment, Hubby always tries to get in the bathroom before me at night so he's not waiting for ages.
The 'two' years are up in August but would it surprise you that it's already gone up another six to twelve months.  I met a woman in the waiting room who had had hers for ten years...TEN...and it was her who first mentioned 'elastics' to me and I didn't have a scooby what she was talking about, but I soon found out.  That's the thing.  Dr GC never mentioned screws or elastics in the beginning.  I soon learned I only hear of the next stage as the next stage is coming up and I wonder would I have gone through with it if I had only known how much it would hurt.  How much I would yearn to bite into an apple or the doozy, that I can not have chewing gum as it degrades the glue holding the braces on.  The day Dr GC announced, as I was looking for a bin for my gum, that it would be my last until the braces were off, I almost turned on my heels back out the room. 

It's two days on now and when I woke this morning I realized my teeth were no longer hurting, still tender and a little sore when eating but bearable.  I go back in April for another dose of pain but there are perks........a spectacular male dental nurse who has the most exquisite accent, Spanish or Italian - I cannot tell as he doesn't say much (like it's necessary?!?) and manages very easily to draw my eyes away from a quite magnificent view of the Castle.
I'm sure you agree, fellow bloggers, it is vital to look for the positive in all things!



  1. It certainly helps to have some lovely eye candy, I had a very big phobia about the dentist until I met my current one, he is Greek, in his late 30's or early 40's and very very handsom, makes every visit worthwhile, and I get a little peck on the cheek into the bargain, can't wait 'til it's time to go again.

    Hugs RosieP x

  2. Aah Rosie, I must try very hard not to think of that gorgeous young nurse giving me a peck on the cheek....I wish!!!

  3. Oh dear, sorry that you are suffering!! I had a brace when I was a child!! That was years ago and they were definitely not as sophisticated as todays!! But once a week Dad had to turn a key in the plate to push my teeth forward a bit more!! That's when the pain started for a few days!! good luck!!

  4. I understand your pain! I had braces back in secondary school. Not nice. I used to play the clarinet quite a lot back them too, which having braces made tricky. :/
    Alas, I didn't have a lovely dental nurse to help me through...

  5. i have nasty crooked teeth - i'll live with them for exactly the reasons you have described XX but i wish they were not crooked :(

  6. As someone who has practically lived in the dental chair since her early twenties, I sympathise.... Nice to hear you had distractions though :O))))))))))))

  7. Hi Ali,
    Just wanted to say thank you for you kind comment yesterday about Ging, it was really appreciated.
    Have a fab weekend, Em x
    P.s have you ever thought that both David Blaine and Derren Brown have the same initials Mmmm spookie!

  8. I have a massive dentist phobia, i really need to go but i'm too scared. Maybe it would help if i had a gorgeous male dental nurse to take my mind of it :) xxx

  9. In response to the DB thing
    D as in Diablo and B as in Brother!
    Diablo is spainish for Devil
    ~Yes the Devils Brother~ Ooooooo! Haha x


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