Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A sibling of Satan? A tongue in cheek review....

I want to share with you something I have been pondering over for some time, I know, like I haven't got better things to do but my mind does wander; my gut revulsion to this man......

 Derren Brown - he gives me the heebie jeebies.

In fact I would go as far to say he must be Satan's brother, the obviously not so good looking one (like Dracula or any Vampire, the Devil in human form should be gorgeous!) or as charismatic but still maintains the tricks.  I cannae watch him.  Hubby laughs at this theory (as you may expect) defending the whole 'tells you what to think and say' thing with hidden messages, body language and the like but me, I'm not buying it.  He's using evil Satan tricks and claims it's all slight of hand and suggestion just to throw us off.  Of course we all want to believe he hasn't really used evil magic but that he's really clever and good at what he does.  He's not fooling me.  No way!  He knows he's got the Devil's blood running through him, fooled us all that it's just a game but is so confident in the ruse he can use images like this....

...from his website (which I forced myself to go to for these images - Heebie Heebie!!) his eyes actually turn red in the photo.  A true image??

Now it may just be that what he does just messes with my mind and freaks me out and I, as always, have gone with the fanciful but like my theory that the Queen Mum was a robot for at least the last decade of her *life* as a way of stopping the crumbling of the Monarchy, I'm sticking to it!



  1. I have to admit, I do rather like him. I'm very entertained by his mind tricks :) No heebie jeebies here :D xx

  2. I have seen him live - years ago!! My daughter and I were out of the running in the first round!! He told us to hold a coin in any hand the kept saying right!! I, of course put my coin in my left hand!!! That was it!!! Sit down and stay sitting!!!!

  3. So funny! I too think he may be related to the devil.

    Loving your theory about the queen mother - wheeled out every now and then so we'd all think she was still alive. tee hee!

  4. Ha ha ha, that is just so funny Ali. I can almost feel you squirming through your post!

    I personally think he is very manufactured ... gone are the days when silly twits like Paul Daniels and his vacant sidekick were prime time telly. Now shock tactics seem to be the order of the day - take that David Blaine chap, he is so peculiar.

    As for cringeing - Abi Titmuss does it to me. CANNOT BEAR HER. I think she was put on this earth to p*** off all womankind. Bleurgh.


    PS. How spooky - the verification word is DERREN ... doo doo doo doo ... (not really)!

  5. He is very spooky i don't like that red eyed photo, you are very brave checking out his website xxx

  6. That is so funny, I said the same sort of thing to my hubby, I actually said he was the Devil ha ha..Emma x

  7. I think they should put him and David Blain in a tiny room and lock the door - can't stand either of them. Total waste of tv time when they could be showing far more interesting things.
    And when he did that control the mind of the nation or whatever it was called the smalls wanted to watch it, needless to say it didn't work on any of us. :)


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