Monday, 1 March 2010

Monday, Monday (ba-ra ba-ra da-da).....

Hello lovely people!  
I'm feeling tip toppy today after having a lovely weekend away in this bonny wee cottage down Selkirk way in the Borders.

Lots of tea, knitting, magazine and novel reading, jigsaws, charity and needlecraft shops, Baxters for soup and bread, cake and coffee and MORE shopping.  
Wine and
Fun Fun Fun!

Here's some of the goodies I got.......from the coolest wee needlecraft shop where we could barely move for stuff, jam packed with everything you could ever need....I had a blast.

The tin is my favourite, only four pounds fifty and filled with Gutermanns thread.

 From the local Red Cross charity shop...


and a mug that reminded me of the Good Life.

From Baxters......

and lots of Deans Shortbread and bits and pieces from the cookware shop.
Sunday lunch on the way home, Antiques Roadshow and crochet.
Even though I have a busy week ahead and my Eldest is on the sofa poorly I'm feeling pretty good, relaxed and happy!

Going away for a weekend can be a real tonic!



  1. Oooooh what a lovely time you had!! It looks wonderful!! All those gorgeous things you found!! I really love the milk jug and sugar bowl!!!

  2. What a perfect weekend..snowdrops and charity finds AND Antiques Roadshow!! Does life get any better? I think not!
    Love those birdy finds- that mug is fab

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. All those goodies! Love the tin with threads in...I think I may have mentioned my obsession with tins before. Hehe!

  4. Sounds and looks like you had a fantastic weekend, lots of lovely treasures.

    Hugs RosieP x

  5. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I want that sugar bowl and milk jug.... so very pretty.

  6. Ali, your weekend sounds bliss and the cottage looks gorgeous. Amazing how a short break away can recharge the old batteries and as for a little retail therapy, well ..! Hope your boy feels better soon. Hx

  7. Glad you had a wonderful weekend! I love your treasures! Hope your eldest feels better. Have a lovely week xx

  8. loving the charity finds they are great : - ) xx
    jade lilywhites xx

  9. Oh what a lovely weekend you had. I love all those vintage finds. It's great getting some lovely trinkets when away isn't it? Oh and sunday love, roast, antiques roadshow and crochet...and then it would have to be Lark Rise for me! Oohh lovely!


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