Monday, 22 March 2010

Halt!! Hoot goes there?

Hello lovely ladies on this March Monday, I'd say bonny Monday but it's blowing a gale and pouring, really p.o.u.r.i.n.g with rain here in my part of Scotland.  Spring did seem to have sprung earlier this morning, the walk to school was delightfully sunny if a little chilly, still I'm indoors, it's relatively warm (off to hunt for slippers) and I'm filled with cappuccino.  I've been a wee bit crafty, as in partaking in some crafting as opposed to getting up to mischief you understand (well a little mischief!) making the above owl brooch for a lovely lady at my boys' school nursery where I pretend I have a career, as a Librarian on Wednesday mornings, my boys both went there and somehow I still help out, it is a lovely place to spend time and three/four year olds are adorable.  So the lady in question has a birthday next week so after spotting the owl a while ago here, I thought I'd whip one up.  He has funny googly eyes with beads as I couldn't cut such teeny circles, wishing I had mini brads (so ordered some from paper-and-string).
I made cushion covers yesterday while the men folk went on a boys day out to Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh and listening to a Doctor Who story CD....

Hamish feeling shy!
It's the two bigger patchwork ones and yet again something else done in the shades of milky coffee.  
I did get those cupcakes made eventually, vanilla with lime and coconut buttercream and the one I ate (not saying a word about others scoffing them!!) was delicious and most worthy of being photographed...... of the photos I took reminded me of those dutch oil paintings of fruit so I had a play at Picnik.

Not quite as ornate as I wanted but still effective?
I also got some of my wool stash out......... mind to making some of these.......

 .......from a pattern purchased from Ysolda, here.  
My 'like a little sister' friend is expecting a wee girl in June and won't these be perfect?  I'm also thinking of making a patchwork quilt for the cot inspired by these.......

.......from Cath Kidston's Sew book.  I have an inclination towards applique ducks as once, many moons ago, said friend played a duck amazingly well, spookily well in fact, named Quackers in a Panto.  It's lovely to think I can make pretty things in pink and buy pretty clothes, stripes and polka dots.  I get away with stripes (I do love stripes!)obviously with my Biscuits but not dots. 
Goodness what a long post, time for lunch me thinks!



  1. It's sunny here still (fingers crossed it will stay that way)!! Love the cushions and those, oh so cute little shoes!!! But the best thing was vanilla cupcakes with lime and coconut frosting - my all time favourite flavour!!

  2. It has lashed down for most of the day today here. Pffft!

  3. Your cake looks yummy! I love the little baby shoes and the idea of a quilt is delightful. There can never be enough polka dots in this world!

  4. mmm sounds like you had a lovely day , cupcakes,wool,patchwork... crafty heaven.I love making girl things as well

  5. Yummy looking cupcake I could eat that right now!
    The little shoes are so sweet.
    I would wear them myself, maybe in a slighty bigger size though.
    Hope the sun is out today for you.
    Em x

  6. Its a lovely post, as usual - I always enjoy my visits here so Ive popped you on my blogroll so I can find you easily. I love the cushions, the cupcakes are sublime (bet they tasted sublime too) and the owl brooch is brilliant, I bet your friend will be very pleased to receive it!

    Much love, hope the weather cheers up for you
    Julia x x x

  7. Wow that cupcake is a work of art. Very photogenic.

    Sounds like your friends are mighty lucky to have you as a friend. Applique ducks is a great idea.

  8. yummm, you have the sweetest looking blog!

  9. The cupcake looks and sounds scrummy. Love the buttercream flavouring!! Looks like you have been busy. Yes the weather is pants although hark, I feel the sun shining through the window!! I'm also making a quilt/playmat for a new baby who is arriving soon although I haven't started yet...thanks for the prompting!!!

  10. Hi - LOVE your OWL BROOCH! Thanks for your comment on my blog - it developed into a new Post !!!


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