Friday, 25 February 2011

'Possibility' is positively my sort of word.

And why not when you can apply it to a glorious sight like this...

"fa la la la laaaaaaaaa!"


Almost more beautiful than what they can become; these colourful balls.
Part of our memories.
Part of our family story. 
They will transform like magic.
From, as Mr Biscuit says, me wrapping wool around a wee wooden stick really fast.



Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A happy [hearty] accident?

This is what happened on Sunday when Mr Biscuit took a turn of our beloved Gaggia coffee machine.  

He is neither a Barista nor artistic, although he was talking to me at the time so it may have come from deep within....

If that is indeed true it shows love is most definitely blind to bed - in desperate need of a wash - hair and unattractive nighties.


Monday, 14 February 2011

The 52 Marvellous Makes Madness Challenge - Weeks 25-27

and how are you all?  I have a new toyA toy to help me enjoy my sewing machine more, a deal I made with myself that I would do this year -  (the above picture is of me having ' a go' with paper - too tight to practise on fabric for the first try).

For a wee bit of fun with freehand embroideryHave to have a ponder over what marvellous make I can craft with it.....

Here is another batch of makes, actually from weeks ago but only just got around to organizing myself into posting about it.

Week 25...

sofa cushions

The green crochet one was a previous make (week 15 ) and is now happily together, making friends and offering tea and cake, with four other cushions.  Two made with thrifted tartan fabric and the other two made with a lovely green cotton, covered with cream aran crochet fronts.  Still I am in shock when I sew something that turns out how I had imagined.

Week 26...
crochet front for a floor cushion

For my Biscuits' bedroom.  They are still in 'talks' about which colour fabric they want behind in.  It measures 26" by 26" and I have to say I loves the vibrant colours emboldened by the black borders.  

 Week 27...

Not any old chocolate cake but one from my favourite book - Cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery!  Quite an involved process including one of my favourite kitchen jobs; separating eggsI love doing it and learned at the feet of my Dad many many years ago.  I have, I confess, been a bit fascinated by egg shells since I was small.  Love breaking one handed and love peeling boiled ones too!   For some reason doing anything with eggs makes me feel very proficient and Goddess like in my kitchen.  This cake includes whisking the whites and adding at a later stage and I am always enthralled watching the whites, well become white.  It was a wonderfully moist cake and deserves a place in any Chocolate Cake Hall of Fame.

I've already got another few makes done and cannot believe I'm past the halfway mark.  It really has been fun documenting some of the things I make each week.


Wednesday, 9 February 2011


As a teenager in my parents house I loved to re-arrange all the furniture in my bedroom every now and again.  I loved that feeling of taking the familiar and making it fresh and new.  That room was the small part of the world (and the house) that belonged to me.  Where I could escape, think, marinade in teenage melancholy, frustration and angst.  Where I could play with my sewing machine, read, write stories, listen to music and be left to be.

Sometimes you simply feel like a change.  
Sometimes you feel that old arrangement simply doesn't suit you anymore.  
Sometimes you find a new way of doing something so that something feels re-energized.
Sometimes you simply need to tweak your 'space' to make it feel spacious once again.


Monday, 7 February 2011

A winter remedy!

I don't know about where you are but the weather here in my wee bit of Scotland is seriously driech, it's horrid out there *update at 11am - it's snowing, lots!!!!*  I need something to counteract this grey dull sky.  Something to banish the winter blahs.  I need COLOUR and that's why, tomorrow I will be running like a woman who just spotted a naked Robert Downey Jr (OMG Imagine!!!!!!)  towards my favourite Etsy shops for a SALE
Yes really a SALE for one day only....... the gorgeous (could stare into those pretty eyes for hours), uber talented, super seller, button temptress, Goddess that is  
I love her shops so much, they are one stop shops for buttons, the bestest felt ever, amazing needlebooks (I could have half a dozen easy!), bunting, brooches, pin pots, ribbons, trims and anything else that takes my fancy and trust me, much does.

Kirsty shares, she wants us all to have buttons and ribbon and felt because she's passionate about what she does and she does 'that' with unburdened creativity and flair.  Her designs are original and simply lovely, like the Lady herself.
I desire many good things for her so buy, buy my pretties with abandon.  You won't be able to stop yourselves and those of you who have shopped with her already, buy more.  You know you want to!

Here are the details you need to know.  The sale is on tomorrow, Tuesday 8th February from 8am to 8pm with FREE POSTAGE on UK orders only and at two of Kirsty's shops ...

..not at the FuzzyFish (felt) or SnowFish (christmas goodies) shops.  Getting free postage is huge and I for one will be there with my purse open and ready to spill into hers.

Go to Kirsty's blog for details straight from the Fish's mouth and please Fishy let me know if I've missed something or got something wrong.


Thursday, 3 February 2011

I lived!!

I popped on to thank you all for your support, venting my fears yesterday really helped as I wasn't too nervous today.  I'm drugged up to the eyeballs and sore but I got through it.  I'm properly out ma face if truth be told so better be off before I talk more nonsense than usual.  

Lots if kisses to you all you lovely, lovely ladies!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

In a right tizz!

So I have a wee bit of surgery tomorrow and I'm in a right tizz about it.  It is a wee bit, a rummage around in my gums for a stray bit of tooth (bone?) that was getting in the way but in the year and a half since I was referred to a surgeon, it has moved out of the way but still tomorrow it's all go and I'm full to the gunnels with nervous energy.  I'm getting a couple of teeth taken out at the same time so I'll get my teeth as straight as can be orthodontically, it was this or have my jaw broken on each side and re-aligned.  You can see why I went for the tooth removal.  
It is quite ridiculous how nervous I am! 
I could have had a general anaesthetic but after the last time, jeez it made me so weepy and sad when I woke up and I found that so very mortifying getting pushed through the hospital and into the ward  in full view with blood all over me (every time I opened my mouth it sprayed every where) and sobbing.  This time I opted for a local with sedation (thank goodness they'll be working on my mouth, I'm a loon at the best of times.  Who know what I may say sedated?) but the other day I realized that means I'll be awake getting stitches, my ultimate fear.  It properly  FREAKS me out, just the thought of a needle and thread going through skin imagination does not need this kind of stimuli.  I cannae do any kind of impaling or puncturing or needles.  I really should have went for the general.  Tis too late now!  I know I probably won't care what they do to me if I am sedated but I'm not sedated right now and right now I care, I care A LOT!!
Way back when, three and a bit years ago, when I first saw an Orthodontist and they mentioned surgery before I could get braces, I struggled hard with the point of it as really why would anyone in their right mind have surgery for cosmetic reasons?  Non-essential surgery?  Why have the inconvenience and pain?  I went ahead with it mainly because I was getting the opportunity of free braces and well it lulled me into doing it, but I am thinking these thoughts again.  I don't want pain but I've came this far so must see it through to the end.  It was for this reason there was NO WAY I was getting my jaws broken, N.O. W.A.Y!!
I am a major woose I admit.  A proper big girl's blouse.  A bright yellow custardy coward Laying there having strangers poking at me makes me feel vulnerable and uncomfortable and helpless and a wee bitty trapped.......deep breathes!!
I wish I could stop my mind going over and over it again and again.  Time will pass as it undoubtedly does and it will be over soon enough but in the meantime......

Wish me luck that I won't feel a thing and will wonder what all the fuss was about!   



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