Tuesday, 5 January 2010

What is it about a cupcake?

Really though, what is it about a cupcake?  Is it all that heavenly spongy cakeyness packed into miniature? Yes! Definitely!  Is it the wealth of designs and variations; cupcakes for children, cupcakes for grownups?  For me it's cupcakes for all.  Yes, yes and YES!
I love a cupcake!
Whether it be knitted like these.......
.........or felty like this one made by Alex from LimeMoose at Etsy.
or fabric like the one I bought recently from Kitty Eden at Folksy......
or giant edible ones like this........
....or regular edible ones.  
I love a cupcake!!
I love to choose the cases for them, purist white, spotty, Halloween, Christmas, silver, gold, pastel or chocolate brown. Which recipe? Vanilla, chocolate, moreish lemon stuffed with added lemon curd.  I love to  bake them, have a rummage in my baking drawers (Oh-er Mrs!!) deciding how to decorate them, Royal Icing or American Style Frosting? Which colour? Sprinkles, smarties, glitter, hundredsandthousands, sugar flowers, wafer roses, coconut (my favourite! I'm drooling!), sweeties; broken or whole, crumbled Flakes or crushed Maltesers..........the possibilities are endless.
I can go Girly for a friend, refined to shabby chic for afternoon tea or my favourite; either myself or my boys going a little or a lot OTT with a bit of everything.
I have forgotten something I hear you say, the best part of it all!  The unwrapping of that paper case to reveal the cupcake in all it's glory, from the first nibble to the licking of the icing adhered to the case.
Aaaah!! She sighs!
So today I opted with creative input, if not actual physical endeavor, from my boys, to celebrate Christmas Selection Boxes and Celebrations/MiniHero tins. Not forgetting a little Girliness for me!
Mrs B I chose the stand to show what incredibly good taste we share!
It's not just any cake stand, it's a M&S cake stand!
 .......and after.
packed away......
(like that lasted for a few seconds after the photos, my boys were there scoffing before the icing was set!)
and the bowl ready for licking, I barely got a teaspoons worth............still it's all about the cupcake!.....but I also love a biscuit particularly any of these..........
...or any, really. NOT Garibaldi's....Y.U.C.K!
Or a fabby brooch to wear on a cardi like this one that came today from HomemadeHome at Folksy...
You can also get a jammy dodger and a bourbon and I will have to at some point I'm sure.

I love a cupcake and I love a biscuit but which is better? There's only one way to find out........



Could you have guessed a post about cupcakes and biscuits would be a long one?


  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm...they look devine.
    I suddenly have an uncontrollable urge to go and make some cupcakes... ;)

  2. Oooooo!!! I am drooling!! That photo of the white ones with the chocolate on top is fabulous! I want one!!!! xx

  3. I feel ya. I'm making James's birthday cake with my giant muffin pan :D it's heeeuuuuuge and I love it.xx

  4. Jessica, I made these after seeing cupcakes at Mrs B's blog, it's like yawning, when you see someone doing it you have to too.
    Tanya I'd send one but my boys would disown me, we have a rule, if we are to share I bake lots more than I did yesterday.
    Lovely Elspeth, James is a lucky man, is he not?

  5. He sure is :) I'm just not sure how I'm gonna decorate it. Icing is my baking achilles heel. x

  6. yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! good work, lovely!

    right if you could just go and do something....like....hoover the stairs and blog it then maybe the yawn thing would work on me and I would get my bahoochie off the couch and hoover my own! hahahahaaaaaa!

    It is wholemeal scones today in a bout of virtuousness (and to slather the new lemon curd on, while minimising new year guilt!!!) x

  7. I need cupcakes now!! any flavour would do. Russ is refusing to go out in the snow and get me the ingrediants (i don't mind making them) how selfish is he!

    Keep warm xxx


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