Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Ooh I don't want to clean the toilet.......

Ooh I don't want to clean the toilet.
I think I'd much prefer a little read.
Ooh I don't want to clean the toilet.
But unfortunately I have boys so it's covered in wee.

Ooh I don't want to clean the toilet.
I'd much rather knit, sew, make and do.
Ooh I don't want to clean the toilet.
But like I said I have boys so it's covered in poo.


Can you tell I'm feeling a bit daft today?  I feel like a bit of mischief but I'm all on my ownsome with no one to play with so way hey for blogs, bloggers and the land of blog, blog street, blog town, blog world.  I am crowning myself the Queen of Procrastination today, a worthy recipient I ams and if I could, I'd eat cream cakes like Aunt Sally and watch Valentine Warner (I have such a crush...sigh!) and drink lots and lots and lots of tea.

Anyone care to join me?
(N.B I am NOT sharing Val, no way, no how!)

Aaah! Cream cakes and Val.........heaven! 
Together?  Now there's a thought.......


  1. You can keep Mr Warner but I'll most definitely take a cream cake and a cup of tea, it would be rude not to on such a cold dark day!
    That poem made me smile. Thank heaven for little girls....

  2. yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I should have checked in on you earlier today!!! I should have known you'd be up to mischief! You have also solved the wee on the seat thing for me?! I was like it can't be me, I am sure it isn't me, is it me?!

    I laughed outloud! Master B says 'what are you laughing at mummy'! A letter my friend wrote!

    Blogland is a jolly place with you in it!! x

  3. I had just revisted Mrs B and saw your comment, bounced back to my "place" and saw your really hilarious comment. I think there must be naughtiness in the ether today! :O)

  4. I agree, I am definately feeling naughty in a Mrs Slocombe's 'pussy' kind of a way today. I know you know what I mean!
    Ali X

  5. Have you been on the loopy juice today?! Tee hee.

    Really strange thing about your Valentine chappy - I woke up one night, eyes like dinner plates, busy busy mind, couldn't go back to sleep. Eventually I switched on the television and ended up watching three entire episodes of a cooking programme on BBC1 back to back hosted by none other than said curly-haired Mr Warner. I'd never seen him before or heard of him since. In the morning, I wondered if perhaps I'd dreamt the whole thing but clearly not ... he's kind of the woman's Nigella isn't he?!! Hx

  6. Just wanted to let you know that you bring sunshine to my blogging life so I'm passing on an award to you. It's waiting on my blog so do pop in and see me. Hx

  7. Ali!!!! How was the hee-lands?! Where were you? My mum is a Skye girl! x

  8. Why a turkey free Christmas? Thought you were cooking it? Tell me everything!

    I thought you'd be more likely to catch my reply if i did it here. heh.

    I decided I wanted to do a turkey, only to be told by pretty much everyone who would be there at christmas that turkey just wasn't acceptable.

    Step dad hates it, mum isn't keen, neither is granny and james.. well, his relatonship with food is weird at the best of times and he'll eat almost anything you put down infront of him.

    Anyway, after much discussion on the subject I had to admit defeat on the the turkey and ended up making steak pie. Happily, it was yummy.

  9. I think a little silly naughty behaviour is necessary when there are toilets to clean. I hate cleaning toilets. No sooner are they clean ....someone then has the cheek (pun intended) to use them!!!

    Love your blog.


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