Friday, 29 January 2010

Call me fickle........

..........but I would quite like more snow.  Sure the sun is shining but it's all a bit bare and brown.  Under usual circumstances this would be the ingredients for a glorious winters day but that white velvety, thick blanket of the early lain snow was so beautiful.  Fluffy and soft and so lovely in the evenings reflecting in the orange glow of the street lights.  Crisp and sugar sparkly in the day time sunlight.

Look at these and tell me you do not agree....
.....from our recent jaunt to the Highlands.  Loch Morlich and the Cairngorms.  I am pretending to myself that everywhere looks like this to justify my desires of more snowflakes a falling.
Walking back from school this morning there were tiny flakes flickering around me.
I really would like more snow please!

I'll leave you with this photo of eldest Biscuit that tickles me, looking like a still from the famous Abominable Snowman film.
I'm off to make up a snow dance so if it snows on you this weekend you can blame me.  I have very powerful gypsy genes! You wait!!  Heehee!!


  1. I'll send you down some of ours if you like ;) We woke up to everything white all over again this morning.

  2. Well Hello!!:D

    I have just discovered your blog! What a splendid thing it is too, you write about all of my favourite things so I will be coming to visit you again soon (adding you to my follow list as Im very absent minded and dont want to forget you)

    Love the photographs, really beautiful!

    Much love
    Julia x x x

  3. Hey Julia, nice to see you, pull up a chair. I'll get the tea and cake!
    Taz, I'm a wee, meaning BIG bit jealous. :O(

  4. I have just looked out of the window and it is snowing here i will try and persuade it to come and visit you....have a lovely weekend xx

  5. We had a few flakes of snow today! we all pointed out of the window and squeeled! lovely pictures, i do love fresh snow! x

  6. Are you all completely barking bonkers???

    Roll on Spring, warm sunshine and clear blue skies I say! I popped into town for a few essentials and nearly froze my bits off - not terribly pleasant as I'm quite partial to my bits! ;-)


  7. Yes, I'll call you fickle....... FICKLE!! Ha! Ha! :O))))))))


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