Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I've got a right bloody cheek.............

......not in a literal sense, just in a "I need to get a grip and cheer up a bit' sense.  I've just had a lovely weekend away in the Highlands with family, food and frolics but still feel down in the dumps and restless.  I've spent the best part of today avoiding housework (avoiding everything if I'm honest), shopping with my mother-in-law for her 40th Anniversary Party this Friday.  Not only did I buy a new outfit, I had a lovely cappuccino with an almond croissant on the side AND lunch, blethering and being girly.  Still feeling moody now I'm at home wondering which chore to deal with, which to prioritise as I really should be baking those eight and ten inch cakes for aforementioned Anniversary Party.  I can't seem to find the time to sew that brooch I'm in the middle of making, OR finish those ipod socks for ickle cousins and get on with those cushions for the sofa that have been in the pipeline for a couple of weeks.  We're in the middle of changing the mortgage and it's my own Anniversary tomorrow and I haven't even thought about it yet.  I feel I am getting nowhere fast.  Forget January Blues, I'm going mental!!! Plain old fashioned let me lay down in the middle of the room and pull my hair out mental. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

I am doing that thing I said I wouldn't do.  I'm using my blog to rant.....please fellow bloggers tell me it's ok.  Tell me we can't always make up funny rhymes and post lovely photos.  Sometimes we need to have a wee strop-a-rooney, place that rant out into the ether and shout out
because I do, I do and I don't want to anymore!

Actually I feel a little better.......off you go little rant.  Off you go!  That's it off into the ether..........


  1. I do know exactly what you mean about having loads of things to do and not doing or wanting to do any!!
    I always feel better if I just do one of them!!! Doesn't matter which one, doesn't even matter if you enjoy it or not, just gives you back that feeling of achieving something and maybe a little bit of direction.
    Don't try to do it all!!!!!!
    Avoiding by shopping is a great way to get out of it too!!! I'm with you there!
    Everyone rants sometimes - it's just your turn today!! Look after yourself, and have some more tea...and cake!! love Txx

  2. Ahhh I had one of those last week! Everything was going wrong, felt rubbish and pants about everything. Crap at everything, rubbish mother, crafter...the list was endless! but after a naff weekend, the week has picked up well, and with a bit of retail therapy out of the way, I am sufficiently restored to deal with all the rubbishy aspects of my life and tackle the mundane! Hope your week picks up, we all go through it and it's good to get it off your chest to a very understanding bunch! he he! xxxx

  3. nip over to the Big Stove, Ms Fish has made a big fat chocolate cake! I am over there feeding my face and drinking tea! I am always sympathetic and understanding of rants and highly suspicious of those who do not!!

    great big chocolatey kisses!


  4. I second that! Get over to the Big Stove, that is what I call a C.A.K.E! :o)

  5. The first week of January I felt like poo so I do sympathise. This is what I do and it really does help me ... buy yourself a really pretty notepad or a plain one and decorate it with pictures that make you happy. Call it 'My Book'. Keep a list of all those things you want to do or achieve - whether it's ringing a friend, a pile of ironing or baking your cake (best to break down the big jobs) then tick off each thing as you complete them. If you aim for one thing each day, it's such a perk if you complete more. A more instant prescription would be a large glass of wine and a bubble bath. Sending you smiles, Hx

  6. Now one day this may come back to bite me but I'm a bit fed up of cakes (I know. I really am a misery boots today)... I've just spent the last four hours baking...24 eggs and 1.2kg of butter......that'll last until tomorrow when I have to trim the tops and you cannae throw the bits in the bin, c'mon.
    I love you guys. Thanks for all your advice and reminding me my bad mood will pass and I will help it on it's way with red wine and my Valen'wish he were mine'tine Warner DVD.
    Maybe I'll just pop over to The Big Stove for a looksy.....maybe even see Ms or little Fish's lovely faces if I'm lucky!!
    Lots of kisses to you lovely ladies!

  7. Hello, i had a rant today, i don't know why....nobody here took it seriously anyway which has just made me worse...think i will go check out that chocolate cake. Hope you have a good rest of the week xxxxx

  8. I really think it's the time of year for feeling rubbish. You're not alone!!!
    When I'm feeling fed up I generally eat my body weight in Chocolate, watch Law and Order SVU...mainly just to see Detective Elliot 'peach bum' Stabler OR I listen to all my favourite songs...which are mainly Liam Frost because I ♥ him. Possibly a little too much.
    Sometimes you just have to feel down, you don't need a reason. You'll feel more chipper soon. I'm sure of it.
    Love n Hugs
    Oh, btw...I LOVE a good rant!


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