Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Seeing black and feeling blue!

I'm fed up!

I'm fed up with feeling fed up!

Week three and I'm still poorly and it's starting to eat into me now.  Really starting to get me down, not sleeping well, no energy and so, so tired.  As Hubby Biscuit always says "I'm keeping it till it gets better" and I am looking after myself but impatience, hormones and a general lack of understanding as to why this b*****d cold will not go away are draining me.  
I'm feeling blue, finding it hard to see the positive thus seeing black and feeling affected by the rain and the lack of sun.
One of the reasons, if not the reason I started this blog was the idea of pulling my thoughts out of me and feeling the catharsis that brings.  I wrote a journal for years.  Books and books filled with ink;  my thoughts, feelings, ideas, my history and yet it stopped, stopped when the weight of motherhood caused such repetition I didn't want to listen to myself anymore.  
It was no longer cathartic discussing my life, life simply was what it was.  
After staring reading blogs I started to see blogging could open that door again so I tentatively began. I felt more freedom in my life and found a platform so here I am using that platform, putting it out there that I feel pants and saying (writing) that out loud and pulling it out of me helps just a little. Helps enough to motivate me enough to keep going and do the things I need to do today.  
Helps enough to know putting The Smiths on my ipod will put me over the edge so I won't be doing that then!

Ooh and my Doctor Who DVD may come today!  See, a positive thought! 



  1. Its vile when you feel like that, I've only had my cold for 6 days but its so annoying how it zaps you. Dr Who always makes me feel better, pure escapism. I've even started watching The Sarah Jane adventures, not bad at all. Take care.

  2. Oh poor Ali. You do sound a little glum. There are fiendish bugs everywhere you turn at the mo and a lot of them seem to be hangers on. You will feel better soon, I promise.

    Don't, for gawd's sake, go down the Smiths path, it'll finish you off. Put your feet up with Dr Who instead and look after your little self.

    Hugs, Hx

    Alternatively, dye your hair Cheryl-Cole-red and spend two hours scrubbing the maroon splashes off the tiles in the bathroom while reminding yourself that you are nearly old enough to be her mother!! ;-)

  3. Ali hope you feel better soon! there are so many horrible bugs going round that last for weeks. Enjoy your dvd xxx

  4. Sorry to hear your cold is still lingering - I hope your dvd comes so you can snuggle down on the sofa with a blanket and a hot cup of tea to watch it. x

  5. Colds do seem to be "hanging around" alot this year. Bless - the good Doctor will keep you complany though!
    Take Care and I hope you feel better real soon

  6. Everyone is sick here. Two of us were off work Monday, I'm at the office today but looking and feeling like death warmed over. So you have my sympathies! I take double and triple doses of echinacea and vitamin C when I feel myself getting sick; I really do think it helps. Hope you feel MUCH better soon!

  7. Definitely get under a blanket with Doctor Who! Hope you feel more cheery soon.

  8. Echo MenoMusing x i am getting a specialist strip light that is good for working by but also combats SAD - i'll let you know how i get on as i feel the winter badness too x

  9. Hope the postie brought you something to put a smile back! It's rotten when things drag on like this. Take it easy and get lots of sleep and hopefully the bugs will abandon you soon...

    Wishing you well!


  10. Oooh, poor you! Sympathy your way.... You'll have tried all sorts of things to zap the bugs? Echinacea (bit late really), high dosage Vit C, zinc tabs, etc.. Hope it goes soon!

  11. Oh no, how awful. Nothing worse when it drags on and on. Hopefully your feeling a tadge better now the 'Doctor' has arrived. Hopefully you will wake up tomorrow feeling much better. x Sue

  12. Hope you're feeling a bit better today - get outside if you can. When I was feeling rough in week 3 of my marathon cold I felt so much better after a walk in the wind, although I was secretly dreading it, it did me the world of good, somehow it gave me some more energy and blew the low mood right out of me.
    Hope you're back to feeling like you soon, x


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