Thursday, 11 November 2010

The 52 Marvellous Makes Madness Challenge - Weeks 13 to 16!

I think I [finally] am feeling better now, my head seems to have cleared  a lot and am sleeping better so [again, finally] got my finger out with catching up posting about my t52mmmc challenge.

First up Week 13 - bumble bee scarf! 

 A Christmas gift for a friend to honour his much treasured sweater of the same stripes which was worn all the time, two decades ago.  Wear and age caused it's death as can happen with well loved clothes made of wool.  This was also the bugger that caused the wrist incident, I used acrylic wool on bamboo needles and it was hell.  Punishment for not using pure wool and the opposite of the scarf I knitted at the same time for myself with Rowan Big Wool made of 100% merino which was a dream to knit.  Last year I knitted one similar to this in black/white stripes and didn't have any trouble, different yarn brand, different experience.  Acrylic does have it's place and is great for crocheting blankets for my Biscuits to wrap themselves up in playing caterpillars and the like.

Week 14 - a week of birthdays!

Coffee and Walnut Cake* (which I've always detested until I tried this one!) for Mr Biscuit.  Birthday biscuits* which I have made every year of my Biscuits' lives (they say they expect them till I'm too old or too incapacitated to make them and I am NOT allowed to try anything fancy like filled in icing, it has to be messy and covered in sweets, glitter etc or else.  Suited me fine this year as my sprained wrist meant I struggled and this too is the reason for Youngest Biscuit's birthday cake* not being made in the shape of anything needing rolled icing but in the shape of a child's mud pie, worms and all.
I also baked pretty pink cupcakes for a dear friend but with organizing her birthday meal, I forgot to take photos before they were taken away or indeed scoffed for pudding.  
A very busy week indeed especially in a bandage and always during school holidays.

* from Cupcakes from a Primrose Bakery.
* from Nigella's Domestic Goddess.
* easy chocolate cake (x2) from Nigella's Feast.

Week 15 - granny square cushion front!

Making new cushions for the sofa.  This is the cover that I needed to fix the mistake in if you remember.  Wishing I had pressed it for the photo, ever the perfectionist!

Week 16 - empire biscuits! 

I think some would call these german biscuits but they've always been empire to us.  I always make plenty of dough when I am making birthday biscuits so I can freeze batches and these biscuits are the main reason why.  I got away with love hearts in a house of males as we all agreed they were the best shape out of the haribo box, almost went for the fried egg.  Scrummy!!

That's all for now.  Still loving this challenge!
I shall leave you with a couple of caterpillars I managed to photograph one day...



  1. That coffee & walnut cake looks scrummy - as do the Empire biscuits :)
    Glad you are feeling better

  2. Those empire biscuits look very scrummy indeed.
    You grow very cute caterpillars up in Scotland!
    Pleased to hear you are feeling better.
    Lisa x

  3. You have been busy. The cake looks very more-ish! Glad you're feeling better :)

  4. My oh my you have been busy! Those biccies look really good....

  5. Love the look of the Empire Biscuits, and those little jelly hearts just set them off brilliantly! Interesting to read about the problem re knitting with acrylic on bamboo needles, as I was thinking about doing something similar. Think I shall give it a miss now. Hope you are back up to full steam and naughtiness soon...... :O)

  6. YUM!
    Not much baking going on here as there is A Lot of DUST which never enhances the flavour...

    Get properly better very soon Missus. And stop knitting with wierd stuff... Ax

  7. Glad you're feeling a bit better. Those empire biscuits look delicious - and how did you get the icing so neat? Think I'm going to have to make some of those today. Coffee favourite. Nice crochet and cute caterpillars too!


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