Tuesday, 2 November 2010

No longer a clown....that's a matter of opinion!

It's week two of this awful cold I am experiencing and yes my face has sooked itself back up (as much as a 37 year old face can), my nose is no longer as red as a clown's nose or Rudolph's for that matter.  My house is no longer covered in ickle mounds of used tissues and I am no longer sneezing and spitting (that includes food, I know MINGING!!) all over myself.  
I am however facing the truth that I do not sound sexy and husky and all Mariella Frostrup but like I am crying all the time which is embarrassing when phoning school offices and hospitals to cancel orthodontic appointments.  I am blessed, for the first time in nine years, in being able to be ill and in my jim-jams for days on end as my lovely Biscuits have been taking themselves off to school in the morning.  I have been able, for the most part, to stop dead in it's tracks the dreaded 'Mum' law that seems to state we must keep going no matter what or how ill we get.  I was poorly this time last year and 'kept going' and was still not right at Christmas time so this year, thanks to my Biscuits, I have been resting lots, watched lots of films and thankfully (after only one week of wearing a bandage although I'm not going to get into how bad that week was..ooh the pain!!) have been able to knit and crochet again.  
So I am not dwelling on how little I have been getting done or how sick I am being poorly or how I am going ever so slightly mad cooped up in the house but grateful I am getting to have sick days and blessing the invention of Jakemans Soothing Menthol Sweets 
I have missed some posts I was planning, namely celebrating this...

...the first birthday of my blog.  My lovely wee blog that has enabled me, for the first time in years, to feel more like me.  Not just Mum and Wife and Housekeeper but silly old clown-like meI have 'met' a hopeful, 'restores your faith in mankind', large mixing bowl amount of fantastic people and can not get enough of being reminded how similar we all are and I am not alone in my existential thoughts (forever the Philosophy student).  If I am being honest I thought, in my usual way, I'd get bored with it after a bit but no, a year on I'm still really enjoying it.  So thanks peeps for reading!

Here's to another year!



  1. Hope your cold finally goes - they linger on sometimes, don't they?:( Glad you're able to knit and crochet again. And Happy 1st Birthday!

  2. Oh I am sorry that you are still feeling so rubbish. I hate the fact that as mums we just have to 'carry on', and can never rest like others do when they feel so grotty. At least you are managing to get a bit in.

    Happy Bloggaversary!!!! Blogging really is rather fab! I too thought I might get quite bored, but meeting like minded people really does make the days a bit brighter!

    Much love

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Congratulations! Looking forward to the next year!
    Gorgeous x

  4. Hope the cold disappears completely soon - rest some more!
    Happy Blogaversary!!

  5. Ditto to that! So glad you are feeling a little less moist! Happy bloggiversary dear Ali.


  6. hey you ))(( biq squeeze and Happy 1st. Blogland is lovely x

  7. A very happy 1st blogging birthday to you! And since I've just discovered your corner of cyber-space, I hope you'll be blogging for many years to come. Healthily, of course. :-)

    -Kea/Kim from Musings on a Small Life

  8. Glad to read your poorly hand is on the mend! And happy belated blogging birthday - trust there was cake to celebrate...

  9. So I have not been alone with this dreaded lurgy............. hope you are on the mend and yes, this virtual world is wonderful in terms of having contact with people who have similar interests. What an era to be alive in. :O)

  10. Glad you are starting to pick up, you should however, continue to take it easy, I know a few people who have had relapses.

    Congratulations on the blog birthday.

    Hugs RosieP x

  11. Happy 1st anniversary!

    Hope you are back to full fitness soon...but not too soon ;-) Rest and recover. Don't rush it.

    Take care.

  12. Hope you are feeling better!

    Happy 1st Blog Birthday xxx


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