Thursday, 4 November 2010

Bats in the belfry!

Not really! 
Workmen insulating the loft!

Why am I drawn to phrases on madness?  I suspect for the same reason my first reaction to having workmen in the house is going through Criminal Minds type scenarios of rape and gruesome murder.  I cannot help myself.  No wood is innocent and no stranger in my house has not concocted a well thought out ploy to get in and torture and/or kill me.
Actually (workies have just left the building) they drank tea and coffee and insulated the whole loft in forty five minutes for free.  Yes!!   FOR FREE!!!!!  A knock on the door (why do some people ignore both the letterbox and bell?) less than twenty four hours ago from a rep from a well known energy company offering free loft insulation from the local council for all houses in the area whether council or privately owned like ours.  A grant that would eventually run out of funds so grab the chance of FREE FREE FREE while you can, so we did!  
I don't know about you but it has been on our list of things to do for a few years now and usually gets usurped by some other plan (this year redecorating the kitchen which is taking forever due to birthdays, wrists and colds) and now *sigh*, didn't even have to empty the loft, didn't have to watch Hubby Biscuit take forever with the prep, it's done and dusted.
It's a great thing to have something so readily at hand to be positive about to counterbalance the negatives of a cough laden, sleep depriving night in bed and a morning of having to unpick sewn up granny squares to reach the one I noticed had a mistake just as I was finishing off.  Love Actually helped with the hour plus fixing that mistake.  The ying and yang, the balance of doing something as I spent last week strewn on the sofa poorly and being poorly masking my ability to catch mistakes as they happen.  
Where the inability to leave the mistake well alone comes in, I do not know!  Well I do but after thirty seven years, I have grown to accept the perfectionist in me!



  1. Lucky! We had to buy and put in about 40 rolls of the stuff in our attic, during renovations last summer! Not fun, we used to do it when kids had gone to bed and pray they wouldn't wake because we couldn't touch them! Too prickly, even the nice eco/green stuff!

  2. Very lucky you! So some things in life are free - wow! Are you sure there's no catch? My suspicious mind is whirring...

    Hope you are feeling better soon, I've had this horrible cough / cold / chest infection for 3 weeks now, wondering if I'll ever get over it? (I know - slightly over dramatic!), still - gets it out of the way early I suppose... see that positive thinking, I'll only get one cold this winter, I'm sure! x

  3. How lovely to get it done free! Hope you are feeling better, I have never been so tired after a bout of cold.........

  4. I know free, shocking!! Nothing suspicious, no hard sell just a grant doing what they should.

    Ah this cold...still feel rubbish, had a day a couple ago where I thought I was on the mend but that night I hardly slept and since, the same. Feeling exhausted today and will probably have to downsize a big birthday meal planned this weekend to a wee supper. I just haven't got the energy...

  5. Poor love, I know that feeling. I am on the road to recovery but still not over it and it's been over two weeks now....ggrrr....just hope this is the last winter cold before christmas!? Yeah right! Sometimes it's best to postpone celebratory dinners until you're feeling much better to enjoy them more. Get well soon and enjoy some rest, the grannies can wait {seriously don't know how you have the patience to unpick, I would have left the mistake in and call in 'meant to be'...} x

  6. Ooh we all love free stuff! although shame it's not something a bit more exciting! My hubby seems to always have cold (man flu!!) which means endless amounts of tea and sympathy of which is already wearing thin.... Hope your feeling better soon - Sue x


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