Monday, 22 November 2010

A Neverending Saga - it's a matter of perspective!

Ladies, I have managed to pick up another cold.   As I write I am sniffing and blowing and coughing and sighing.  Hubby Biscuit says it's because I got lots of my hair [as in never had my hair this short, ever!] chopped off on Friday and the cold has found it's way in via an exposed neck.  So having never quite making it to 100% well I've taken a wee baby step back again.  I say a baby step as it is all a matter of perspectiveYes I feel god awful again but so what, Christmas is on it's way and that means I can justify sitting down sewing and knitting all those gifts I have in mind.  
The washing machine has been showing signs of dying the last few weeks and this morning it would not switch on.  It has obviously lost it's battle.  Ah well, I have a large kitchen sink, a bath and arms with which to scrub.  It'll either get mended or be replaced and in the big scheme of things it's no real biggy.  As I say the approach of the ching-ching of jingle bells can ward off pretty much anything even kitchen appliances dying [my gas oven went on the blink a couple of weeks ago too, luckily I have a second electric one].  

So I say Que Sera Sera!

I admit I am finding it easy to be philosophical as this Friday we are off here...

 (click for more of a looksee, even a virtual tour if you are curious)

...set in a simply beautiful landscape...

this image and above from cottages4you
...for a couple of nights and it will do me the world of good.  A bit of relaxation before December brings it's usual full steam ahead activity.  A break way from home to take some deep breaths [I hope my nose will allow this] and to look at the stars without the pollution of street lights.  We have holidayed there once before a couple of January's ago and I was stunned by the night sky.  
It'll be difficult not to arrive home feeling rejuvenated and refreshed on Sunday.

It's either the thought of this cottage or there being something to that old adage -  'get a haircut, take a load of your mind'.  Either way I am glad I'm taking it all on the chin.



  1. Not another cold - poor you! I hope that a weekend away will clear it up for you. Auldallan cottage looks stunning, so envious!
    Sue x

  2. I hope you get better soon, it is awful when they just don't go away and get worse. Your philosophies are very true and I hope that holiday cheer stays with you xxx

  3. Poor you getting another cold. Are you going to show us your new haircut? Christmas is definitely coming - lights switch on here on Thurs and I got post that jingled this much more exciting than normal post! Get well soon x

  4. Poor you -have you tried echinacea? It works for me. Hope your break is lovely.

  5. Aww I hope you get better soon! I've had one of those annoying semi-colds for a while now which is very annoying :-( Enjoy your break though that place looks lovely!! Also I would like to mention that I have nominated your blog for a "one lovely blog" award so hopefully that'll be something that can cheer you up :-) xx

  6. Poor you - hope you're fully better soon. I'm sure the mini-break will help - looks a great place!

  7. Hope you feel better soon! Have a wonderful time away, it looks a gorgeous place xxx

  8. Not another one, poor you. You've definitely earned a few days at that cottage - wonderful views. Enjoy and come back refreshed!

  9. You're coming close to my part of the world, good clean N/E air will soon have you back on your feet hon.
    Enjoy! x

  10. with that positive attitude and lovely trip, I bet you feel much better soon. Best wishes.

  11. Glad to hear you are having a Doris Day moment in spite of the washing machine and the germs !!

    In Spain they are firmly convinced that you must never expose your neck to cold air. Polo necks and scarves are always worn between November and April!

    Feel better soon
    Louise xx

  12. My goodness this time of year is just a hotbed of bugs isn't it? Ive felt a bit under par myself this last week or two but your uplifting, positive outlook has had me pulling up my bootstraps sharpish and giving myself a hearty slap on the back - onward and upward, no time to moan!! There are table runners to be made, things to crochet, stuff to bake!! Never mind hacking coughs and streaming noses, not to mention that nasty low energy that saps the life out of you!!! Love your post, cheered me up no end - its nearly Christmas!! Hurrah!!

    Hope you enjoyed your trip, looks a gorgeous place.

    Love Julia x x x


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