Thursday, 28 July 2011

"Ahoy hoy"

How are you all?

It feels like I've been away from my wee blog for an age....lots to show and tell.  I will get to it but I cannot be arsed dealing with photos and the like today (is it OK to admit that?) and really wanted to say a Mr Burns "hullo" to you all.  We've had sun home and away  for a couple of weeks now (well until today and my garden is loving the rain.  It's having a grand old 'sook'.)  It's been lovely.  Hopefully you've been having the same.
Camping was heaven.  I have glorious sunny shots of the West Coast to share; golden beaches, blue skies and sunsets. 
The [endless] granny blanket is finished.  I was going to take a photo in the garden today but, like I said, rain!
I am feeling seriously hardcore because of ache inducing hexagon quilt making [really OUCH!!].  A whole post needed to tell the story about reliving a ten year old Ali's first foray into sewing.  It's a long way from finished but probably the most satisfying project I've ever embarked on.
We are thinking of getting a dog.  It's a BIG BIG decision as we are cat people wondering if a dog is a good idea.   
I have finished the t52mmm challenge and must post about it soon.  I messed up big time though.  It won't be a shock that I  forgot to take essential photos AGAIN.  Luckily I am forever making and most weeks choose the 'make' so replacements can be made but still.....  I am pleased to have completed it and enjoyed it a lot.

.......and breathe.

 A quick catch up then. 

We are three weeks into the summer hols now.  We headed out on our journey, have reached the half way mark and are heading back now.  Adventures still to be had and all; it's a three week journey yet, but heading back to the normal routine, we are. 

I have lots of posts planned and will be back soon.......X

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Grabbing it while you can!

The sun, I mean...
Sitting in the garden for the whole day cause you never know how long it'll last, ignoring chores and dreaming of being transported to a similar scene in the countryside very soon.

Morning cappuccinos and reading, endless - I do mean endless and a whole post needed to discuss - crochet, gazing at roses and my boys and our cats.

Happy days.  

We're off camping next week, once we decide which part of glorious Scotland we want to see.  West Coast, the Highlands, the Islands?  So much to choose from.  Tolerating midges and soaking up amazing scenery.  See you when we get back...


Friday, 8 July 2011

Paws and a face - my bonny Beau-Beau.

He is though, he's the bonniest Beau-Beau in the land.  My fifteen year old 'baby' and bless him I could watch him nap all day.  Having cats makes me very content.  The house can only be so quiet before the increasingly loud snoring begins or I hear the jingle jangle of the 'you are forbidden to kill birds' bells on their collars.  It's the fur that blows my mind, they are covered in fur that is delightful to stroke and makes me want to get my face in for a rub.  Not a good idea as I end up with hair up my nose but I do it anyway.  I love that they look like they a smiling all the time - too cute.  Any cat owner out there knows the delights of felines and I am in heaven when a cat is sleeping near.  

So indulge me please......

My Hamish -  he's huge and needy and has the muckiest eyes in the land and trips me up when I am cooking meat but he's mine.

 I call this last pose his 'Bugs Bunny' look.  I love his pink pads......I could sigh and sigh.  I wonder if we humans look this content sleeping.........



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