Saturday, 16 July 2011

Grabbing it while you can!

The sun, I mean...
Sitting in the garden for the whole day cause you never know how long it'll last, ignoring chores and dreaming of being transported to a similar scene in the countryside very soon.

Morning cappuccinos and reading, endless - I do mean endless and a whole post needed to discuss - crochet, gazing at roses and my boys and our cats.

Happy days.  

We're off camping next week, once we decide which part of glorious Scotland we want to see.  West Coast, the Highlands, the Islands?  So much to choose from.  Tolerating midges and soaking up amazing scenery.  See you when we get back...



  1. Have a great time, whichever you choose!

  2. Erm, you have sun? No fair.
    Enjoy your break.

  3. Ooh is that a new blanket you're making? Looking forward to seeing it finished.

    Enjoy your break

  4. Hope you have fun camping, and have great weather.

  5. Enjoy the sun and the midgies. You need a bit of bog myrtle to keep them at bay... Ax


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