Monday, 16 January 2012

Sunday baking.

Yesterday I spent the better part of the day in my apron baking. 
I had a lovely ol' time to myself listening to music (MGMT, Newton Faulkner and REM if you are curious) and making a floury mess.

Scrummy yummy cupcakes, a few topped with lime buttercream and sprinkled with coconut.

And also

Bread to go with dinner.
I love baking bread but my rubbishy wrists hate it, particularly after making pizza dough the night before.  I use Jamie O recipes (after trying many others) but think I will be trying out some Baker Boys ones soon, love them!  Realized I love a man dusted in flour, who knew?

My Biscuits were playing happily, Mr Biscuit was maintaining his friendship with his guitar and I was in my lovely kitchen baking.  Happy day!


Thursday, 5 January 2012

'What is funny?' It's one of those 'big'

It is indeed such a subjective question. What is funny?
I am always curious to what makes us laugh.  How some of us find things hilarious whilst another has a bare quiver of a lip.  How it is uncontrollable, not always welcome and usually always funny in itself.  Seeing someone in tears, tummy aching and body rocking is, to me,a beautiful sight!  Love to see actors corpsing!
I am always interested in peoples take on the world around them and how they feel about it, their quirks and eccentricities, their likes, loves and hates.
In particular I love to know what makes people smile and even more so, laugh.
I got to thinking I would share some those things that tickle or have tickled me, either into a smile or requiring a seat to compose myself or in some cases sent out of a room and hope you will leave some of yours in the comment box too.

Here, for your pleasure folks, or not - rich tapestry 'n' that, are some of the things I find/have found funny for as many weeks as I can think of things to share.

"Back in April I was manning the bake stall at my Biscuits' school and they had a few different things on in celebration of their 40th birthday.  One of these things was a balloon artist.  As we were setting up this balloon artist who was dressed as a clown (as they seem to always be) had to go into the next hall so he decided to run.  
Did I mention the maseeeeve clown shoes?

Slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap."

It was one of those occasions where I am laughing like a loon and all around are not.  Oh and if he had fallen down.....
Funny?  Not Funny?


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Twenty Twelve or Two Thousand and Twelve? Don't Panic...

I have to ask which is it?
The man of the flowing locks and much historical wisdom, Neil Oliver, got me thinking when he tweeted the other day we should be saying Twenty Twelve by now.  Since the millenium started I have been saying Two Thousand and... which seems ridiculous when I think I said Nineteen something for the first twenty six years of my life!   I just don't know if I can break the habit now.
Twenty Twelve seems like something someone talking of the Olympics says especially in the spoof telly prog about the organization of it with the lovely Hugh Bonnevile.
It does roll off the tongue though and it cannae be that hard to change my ways if I want, especially about something so really very unimportant.

Don't panic it's only a new year!

But panic I did.

Over this...

Have you played it?
Oh my effing G it's scary!  Simply having to say 3-7 things like Star Wars characters or dinosaurs in ten seconds sounds easy right?  I got round the board first because I bloody well did panic, screaming out answers as fast as I could "three sharp things? Needle, scissors, knife" Slam the timer button down and breathe.  No really breathe.  It was so uncomfortably stressful and scary, afterwards the adrenalin was pumping and I felt I could have taken on anything.  Though definitely NOT another game of Don't Panic!!
At least I won, our other new board game is QI and I have no chance and without someone making up the mad scoring system where you can win when you've hardly answered at all, I have definitely nae chance!
Oh well I have come to accept my children are surpassing me in many facets of knowledge (even if I do from time to time give a friendly lecture about needle sizes or the like to show I do indeed know some things!).

Just as well I am not (very) competitive!



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