Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The gate clatters....

...and the letterbox opens followed by the loudest rattle of post falling on to the hall floor.  "Oh, Oh Goodness!!"  "Is that my buttons?"  Out of the chair she leaps forgetting it's a whirly one and nearly falls face first onto the floor.  There, there on the floor is a package with her name on it.  A squish and a shake later and it's definitely buttons, definitely those prize winning[s] buttons.

So she willfully rips carefully unwraps the paper to reveal a bounty of beautiful buttons falling out of their packet upon which she shows relief at not having to rip tentatively open and risk spilling the contents all over the floor.  Aah the joy!  The heart skipping delight!  The swell of happiness in her bosom!

Indeed a bounty of beautiful buttons!

She sighed again and again!! 
Once her heart had settled and her brain began to remember the world external to button love, she noticed the rest of her post.  
"A magazine?  Ooh a magazine!  Can't be Country Living........could be Good Food......and PANTS!   I hope it's not Hubby's boring car one, Classic Ford."   
"Wait a minute...wait one minute!", the cogs slowly begin to move, "Jamie? Jamie???"  

"Ooh..OOOOOH!"  A small memory starts to stir, getting bigger and bigger.  "OMG!  Didn't my lovely mother-in-law say on my birthday she was arranging a subscription for me?  She did, aah She did!  


A hop, a skip, a jump and a twirl later she smiles the biggest smile a lady can manage when she nearly killed herself hopping and skipping and jumping and twirling.  "That'll do pig!!" 

And that is the story of a happy Ali who cares not a jot she gave up yesterday's sunshine to clean, a sacrifice all the more considerable as today the sky is the colour of grey old pants, for she has buttons and a magazine.


thank you lovely Jade xx


  1. Lucky you, so exciting!! i'm excited for you, so you must be thrilled!! x

  2. Two wonderful delights in one post?
    You are a very lucky girl!
    Lisa x

  3. I'm fast wondering if there is loopy juice in Blogland's water supply ..!


  4. Perfect combination: magazine and buttons......... ENJOY!

  5. Gorgeous buttons....what are you going to do with them all?

    Have you seen this?

    Maybe you could make one!

  6. What a lucky post day, Whats the Jamie mag like? Ive offen looked at it xx

  7. Gorgeous buttons and present from your Mother-in-law! Hope you are having a great week xx

  8. You do make me larf, your creative mind is like mine and makes you muddled! Yummy buttons and I need to look out for Jamie, love him!
    Have a great sunny weekend x

  9. If you simply cannot use all those buttons I am offering to be a very good blogger and take them off your hands for you ! :-) I am a Lilywhites addict, her things are all just so pretty.xx


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