Friday, 21 May 2010

Taking the time!

Yesterday I finally decided it was time I gave a Granny Square a go!   
My knitting mojo has gone on a wee holiday and the time was ripe for a new challenge, not to mention the fact I want blankets for camping so the elusive square was calling me.  Also we are all accosted by such beautiful images in blogland it is hard to resist and I was resisting.  Thought I would stick with knitting and all the possibilities therein, not understanding crochet had the same potential for creativityI can crochet a little already and learned many many moons ago from my mum who passed down all she knew (which wasn't much compared to what she taught me about knitting) but all I have done in my crocheting life is rounds and rounds of stitches until the blanket reached the required size and only a few blankets at that.  Here are two I'm working on at the minute for my Biscuits' beds...

The centre of this one was found at the Christmas Fayre at my Biscuits' school but was way too small, I've been working on it for yonks but it's almost finished now.  I do love how they look, especially the top one.
Pretty basic stuff or so I thought until yesterday when I realized I already knew how to do a Slip Knot, Chain and I finally discovered the name of the stitch I can do, a TrebleJust to discover the name of a stitch I've been doing for years was a revelation.  My first port of call was at Meet me at Mikes as I have the book and realized quite quickly I do NOT learn at all easily from words and drawings so I was in need of live action.  The lessons are amazing and for someone like me who needs to see something over and over again the clips made it so easy.  The internet, in many ways, is like having that mum, aunt or gran when it comes to leaning new skills.  I was amazed at how quickly a square comes together and in particular the instant gratification on completion of one square.  I can see now why in some blog photos you see piles them.  So here it is, drum roll if you please because I'm chuffed I finally made the time to learn, my first (and definitely not my last) Granny Square...

and then I made two more just for a practice...

The tension is not quite right as I am used to working with larger pieces of crochet so found holding the square a little fiddly and I did the learner amount of chains so the gaps are bigger than I'd like too but I am very pleased with how they came out.  I have plans now to use up some of my acrylic wool stash on adding squares to that colourful blanket in the first photo, as I don't mind crocheting with it but hate knitting with it and it's cheap but I'm sure I'll move on to cotton soon enough.  I'm wondering how long it'll be before I'm tackling a pattern and I've heard wonderful things about Lucy's tutorials at Attic24......aah the possibilitiesI didn't think I'd ever say that about crocheting.

I'm off to make some more!



  1. Lovely post - I have just learned crochet having been a knitter and never thought I would like it better, but if I am honest, I do. It is so much quicker!
    Attic 24 is great for tutorials as is You tube.

  2. Hurrah!!!!!!!

    Another convert...

    Just seeing those 3 lovely granny squares makes me happy!

  3. Looking good, I'm really a sewer, but I'm becoming more attached to the joys of crochet and I'm trying to follow a few patterns and like you learning that I actually know most of the stitches - just don't know what they're called! I even ordered a couple of books yesterday, watch me go...
    As for knitting - we don't get on, I get angry, miserable and frustrated and I think knitting dislikes me too!
    Enjoy the weekend C x

  4. I am going to start learning to crochet - love the way stuff grows so quickly.

    Well done on what you've made so far :)

  5. Hee hee, the girl's hooked!

    Wonderful blankets Ali - I love what you've done to the second one.

    Great link too, just been having a poke around Meet Me At Mikes - it's fab.

    Have super duper weekend, Hx

  6. Is there no end to your talents?!!! I really must get back to my squares - not managed any for months! They're lovely! Well done! xx

  7. I hear granny squares can be very addictive and it looks like you've caught the bug!
    Happy hooking.
    Lisa x

  8. Ive just started crochet and im addicted. Thank you for letting me know about the Jamie mag xx

  9. I only learnt last year and love it. Have got about half way to a double sized blanket. :O)))))))))))))) Lucy at Attic 24's instructions for crocheted flowers are brilliant too!

  10. I love your Granny square! I just can't get the hang of them. Hope you have had a lovely sunny weekend xx

  11. Yay! Welcome to the granny club! I'm a rubbish but keen knitter so found the whole crochet thing a bit of a revelation, I too learnt through meet me at mikes! Love those blankets. x

  12. Congratulations , I am a crochet lover as you know, hope you get to love it too!
    Louise x

  13. These are lovely! What was the yarn you used? I can see it in the pic but not exactly what it is and the colours are lovely!

  14. Hi Ellie, I used Rowan Pure Wool DK; honey/tangerine/indigo, kiss/mocha/enamel and enamel/sugarpink/hay. Is is really weird of me that I could so easily get the names?
    Thanks for your lovely comments!!

  15. Love your crocheting, I too found it soo much easyer to learn when whatching it on the net vs reading a book, all those technical abreviations had me in all sorts of trouble!,lol.
    Luv Sophie xxx


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