Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Why oh why...........

....am I having to drag myself upstairs on the mind-boggling quest of cleaning toothpaste off of mirrors, wall and tiles?  Not to mention dealing with a toilet used by three menfolk.  When all I want to do is grab my knitting/sewing/magazine and or book and join this gorgeous man cat.....

....out in the garden even if it is deceptively chilly out there.  Pants and poo I say!  

Pants and poo!

I admit though, I am doing a good job of putting it off...



  1. Here here...PANTS N POO! Hate when life gets in the way of crafting!
    Enjoy the sunshine hun
    Best regards

  2. Oh I am so with you on that! Living with all males, it drives me mad....toothpaste everynight everywhere, how do they manage it? Quite simple.....squeeze on to the brush and that's it! Soap squirted everywhere and all over towels ( which incidently are just chucked on the floor ALL the time). Dirty fingers on the paintwork. I spen a dat cleaning, 5 mins back from school, fingerprints everywhere. Dirty clothes never manage to quite make it into the laundry baskets. Why is under the bed always preferred? Like you, yarn and hook is always wanted but the clean up takes ages! I could go on so totally agree with you....PANTS AND POO!!!!! xxx

  3. Want to do my bathrooms too? I also have a toothpastey mirror & 3 toilets that have all been used by males :(

    I think we need a cyber house for us girlies - no men allowed. All pretty - the toilet always clean & has paper, no boxers lurking under the bed etc etc

  4. Oh don't - my bathroom is a pit. And I tell you, never mind boys, 5 year old girls don't seem to be able to pee without getting it everywhere! I am dreading potty-training #2....

  5. I too spent a dull morning cleaning - only at the promise of an evening of crafting though... I need some motivation to get me through all this mess! x

  6. I'm reading the blogs instead of getting on with the cleaning....maybe later...
    Happy crafting
    Louise xx

  7. I don't even want to think aboutthe state of my bathroom...
    Rather read blogs ;)

  8. I'm with the rest of them..............

    I have been to clean someone else's house today, and yet mine is a state! :O)))))))

  9. Thanks for popping by and leaving me a message. It's always nice to meet lovely new bloggers.
    We are a DrWho household here too!
    Lisa x

  10. (Bit sheepish ...) I'm afraid my hubby keeps telling me off for spraying toothpaste all over the bathroom mirror. It's my zizzy brush, it's got a mind of it's own!

    Grab your hook I say and, if anyone dares to ask about your splattered bathroom mirror, stab them with it! ;-)


  11. Aww Heather my whizzy brush does the same but I get to complain because I'm the only one who cleans it all off.
    I did do the dreaded deed after all AND the downstairs loo too with the aid of Biffy Clyro playing very loudly on my ipod and eventually got outside after my Biscuits got home from school which kind of defeated the purpose of the 'want' in the first place, such is life!
    It's mad to think of all us ladies in blogland trying to make and do whilst fighting the responsibility of domestic drudgery. Pants, poo and pee!!!


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