Monday, 10 May 2010

Adding to an already long list.

That's me!  Always adding things on to that already huge list of projects I want to make.  I have been knitting lots for my friend's new baby, hats, Tiny Shoes and cardigans, not due to be with us until June but decided to come four weeks early.  She is well, over five pounds (just) so no need for special care (sighing with relief) but we all got a bit of a shock especially her mum and dad.  She's teeny tiny and adorable, as you can imagine.  So I have had a lovely excuse to knit with pink, sew on cute baby girl buttons and order lots of gorgeous Tilda Rose fat quarters to make a patchwork cot blanket.  If that is not enough to be getting on with along with felt cupcake pin cushions and bunting for the garden parasol......I have been tempted by this.........

....pictured at the UK handmade blog, tempting me to go have a looksee at fluffandfuzz at Folksy where I just had to have this pattern for a Cavendish CatLook at it!!!.....

I am 'purring' with delight.  Isn't it cute?  The shop also has patterns for a bunny, a squirrel (as pictured above), a badger, a hedgehog, an owl, a penguin, a mouse and a basket of fruit and veg.  All the animals come with ickle bags or baskets and accessories.  Gorgeous!!  
More wool to order oh and how I love to receive new wool in the post all wrapped up in tissue and full of possibilities.
That is why we add to our project lists.  For those little special moments like wool arriving in the post.
Have a great rest of the day and have fun with that list!



  1. I love the little pussy cat with a basket...wish I was a more dedicated knitter...
    It's so nice to have a list of projects and a stash of wool and fabric isn't it. I like a nice pile of unread books too!
    Louise xx

  2. how lovely, pussy cat is delightful - wish I was a knitter!

  3. Im waiting for some wool too - I go beyond delirious at the thought of it, and yes you are quite right, its all those little moments that make it worth while (love the cat by the way!)

    Julia x x x

  4. I love the squirrel and acorns - so sweet!

  5. what a wonderfully busy week you have ahead of you - enjoy all that stitching and knitting - do remember to stop for some tea and cake though! x

  6. Oh Ali, I especially love that squirrel! Do show us the cat when you've knitted it.

    So glad all is well with your friend's baby. Lucky you being able to coo over her; I just adore the new baby smell, hmmm.


  7. Another vote for that squirrel. Enjoy that little baby........ :O)

  8. So glad all is well with your friend's tiny baby! I do love to see a baby in pretty handknits!
    Such cute knitted creatures too!
    Have a lovely day!
    Rachel x

  9. I love the cat and squirrel! Hope you are having a great week xx

  10. they are so adorable! Normally my knitting gets cast aside this time of year but it's been really cold here in Ireland the last week or two so I've had the fire lit and my knitting on my lap most evenings. Lovely blog by the way x


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