Thursday, 27 May 2010

Sports Day, Baking, Bunting and Beau-Beau...

Howdy folks, what a day!   
Up and down, up and down and up and down again to school for my Biscuits' Sports Day.  Of course the usual happened, school  gave us unconfirmed dates, didn't actually confirm with the parents but all the kiddies knew and most didn't bother to pass that info I found out at 8.45am this morning that my presence would be required at 9.30am (it turned out for one and a half hours.. ahhh!!) and again at 1.30pm (only an hour..phew!).  Eldest Biscuit's was almost rained off and I was expected to capture their escapades on video for the Husband to see but of course talked over most of it and missed bits.  Oh well!  I did my best with the talent (or lack thereof) to record it for prosperity. 
It has been decidedly chilly here in my part of Scotland for most of the week, after what was a spectacular weekend, whether the sun has shone or not so I got around to making the bunting for the garden parasol just in case warmth was attached to the appearance of sunshine.  It was just after completion so I think I may have sewn some wishes into it without realizing, that or some Gypo magic.  It took the best part of a day to do and I took the skin off my pinky using the pinking shears which is why they are named that way I figure.  I'm pleased with the end result so I shall suffer my injuries (not quietly, never quietly!)...

The clematis in our garden is quite resplendent just now, Hubby is desperate to cut it back but he's been warned there will be no more cake or biscuits if he does.  He's not silly enough to risk it!  I love climbers!  Love how they seem alive, search and grab hold of anything in their surroundings.  I love to cover fences in them too, a wall of life!  The clematis in the photo also has a dual purpose, other than looking glorious, of keeping the living room cool, only letting in dappled sunshine.  I do love it so!
I had to bake something of course this week, have been promising myself Peanut Butter Fudge care of Sophie Dahl but got sidetracked by yet another yearning for lemons.  I was sensible and practical in making two so some could be frozen.  Not greed you understand!

I'm quite sure if I looked close enough at the citrus juicer I'd see myself akin to a mangled reflection in a fairground Hall of Mirrors.
And poor baby Hamish AKA Beau-Beau has a sore eye and of course there is no photo of that but I felt I needed to hear a collective "aw!!" for him.  So whenever you are ready.........thanking you!



  1. First things first, why do schools tell the children and not the parents? I've lost count of the times I've run to an event late, wheezing and moist!

    Secondly, gorgeous bunting. Skin well spent! Oh, and beautiful clematis. Hands off Mr Biscuit! I have one in its infancy and can't wait 'til it looks like yours!

    I too have had a peer into your lemon squeezer and can only make out a very regal golden retriever!!!

    Hope you feel better soon Hamish/BB. Miaow.


    PS. How do you do that tiled picture thingy?

  2. Yes, why do the schools expect your child to pass on info? My 5 year old apparently does nothing all day with no-one - she NEVER tells me anything!

    Great bunting - another thing on my to-do list....

    I'm heading to Scotland tomorrow, so here's hoping the weather warms up a bit, especially as I'm going to be sleeping in a tent!!!

    Hope BB feels better soon. x

  3. Why do schools do that other than to make you feel guilty for not being there because you can't change the day you booked off work.

    Love the bunting looks fab.

    I do say Ah too

    Hugs RosieP x

  4. ssssshhhhh, don't tell anyone, but it's Achmelvich in Assynt (tis near Lochinver). It's worth the 10 hour drive - so quiet and unspoilt.

  5. Sending you many congrats for making superb bunting and an 'ah' for Hamish.
    Lisa x

  6. Awwww.....Bunting and cake looks lovely as does the clematis, wow, beautiful. I just made Sophie Dahls flourless chocolate cake (as seen on telly) at the weekend and it was mighty fine indeedy!

  7. Absolutely love the clematis. I would be the same with my hubby. I call him a vandal when he gets a pruning urge. Just started replanting our garden after a couple of years of ripping stuff out and planted some clematis to cover yucky fence.

  8. I will leave a comment but I don't think I'm interesting. Am in awe of your baking and your granny square. Haven't quite got brave enough to try crocheting yet. Nice to visit you, Biscuit, will be back to visit soon. (Another) Ali


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