Friday, 14 May 2010

For the love of spots and felt!


...what came today from the lovely Sarah at...

(click on image to take you to temptation)

 Oh the possibilities with such spottiness......

I was lucky enough to snatch this up before it was all gone but I believe it's available from Hobbycraft if you need to have some like I needed to.   

Essential for Ladies Who Craft 
You agree?  
I know you do!!



  1. Definitely yummy felt Ali............ lovely.

    I am sat, head in hands wondering how on EARTH you did that link via the photo........ I have struggled for at least an hour with a VERY uncooperative link button this morning.

    When did you put that "Blogaroonies" thing at the side, it made me roar with laughter....

  2. Ah Cathy it's been there yonks.
    If it helps, I highlighted the photo like I do to change fonts etc and clicked on the LINK button, then typed in the web address as I knew it, mostly I cut and paste, checked it was OK with the 'test this link' and clicked OK. It's the first time I've done it for a photo. I do remember having to upgrade my blog in order to link to URL pages outwith my posts as it just wouldn't work. I can't remember exactly how without leaving this comment to check but I could remind myself and let you know how if you need to do it on your blog.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Lovely....I got a package from Sarah today too...lovely cupcake brooch and keyfob that I won on her freebie thursday...they are so sweet as is Sarah.

  4. Loving spots at the moment - am very tempted...

    Have a great weekend x

  5. ooooo those spots are too adorable and like you say the possibilities are endless...I am very tempted!

  6. I saw that spotty felt last time I was in the big H. Lovely isn't it ?
    Louise x


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