Friday, 29 November 2013

A Jammy Black Friday.

Hiya Folks.

Today is Black Friday with discounts galore online so I am joining in at my wee Etsy shop with a 15% discount on all orders placed today.

At the checkout use the code JAMMYBLACKFRIDAY15 and you will instantly receive a discount.

Just this week I have added a new brooch design for feeling Festive this holiday season.

With a choice of three button berries as I couldn't decide on a favourite.  I still can't and I am struggling to choose which one I will keep for me.

Click on the 'Etsy' link above or on the shop link on the top and side of the main page.


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Sunday, 28 July 2013

hallo, hallo...

Popping in to say hello to you all.
I am not a good blogger at all these days.
I seem not to care about that either...

Its a funny thing this blogging business.
I cannot blame Instagram for the lack of ponderings on here. It is a great instant photo sharing/quick response thing but it isn't stopping me from blogging.
I'm stopping me from blogging.
Not being on a laptop means I am getting more creative things done and I am not so great at sharing these on here anymore.  I get distracted on here, writing a post seems to take me an age. Reading blogs, getting sucked into Pinterest (which I deleted a while back and recently went on again), looking at tutorials etc distracts me big time. I have been making a lot. Quilts and socks and maggie rabbits. Lots of hours of hand sewing.
I suppose I am not a great sharer full stop really.  Blogging doesn't come naturally at all so we shall see. I've no desire to delete my blog or to take a brake or to force myself to write more posts but wanted to say hi to you all.
I hope you are all well and life is good.
Hope your wee hands are busy making.
Hope you are eating yummy scrummy cake sometimes and enjoying the summer.
Hope you have the time for a nice cup of tea and are getting plenty of sleep.

Ali x

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

*NEWS* My Etsy shop is OPEN!!

As I said in my last post I have been beavering away, sewing and generally getting organised and finally I can say my Etsy shop is opened.

Click here to go looksee or follow the shop link under my profile on the right of this page.


Friday, 1 March 2013

Beavering away....

I have been such a busy bee lately preparing for the opening of my Etsy shop jammypudding next week. Investing a not insubstantial amount of pennies on supplies and sewing like a wee trooper to build up stock.

These are what I am selling...

Lovely (if I do say so myself) felt brooches.

Some of the designs go way back to 2010 and I have been making them as gifts ever since but finally decided it was time to share my love of brooches with any one willing to part with their hard earned pennies for them. I'm selling them already on Instagram (since yesterday) and am pleased to say that I have sold some already. It feels lovely actually. Lovely that someone wants them, lovely that I made them with my (sh*t, less than 5 weeks till 40 year old) hands.  Lovely that I feel competent I know what I am doing and am organised. Lovely to spend lots of time sewing, watching Heroes on LoveFilm and it feeling like a job.
To be fair lately it has stopped me furfilling other creative urges but I am nothing if not committed so I kept at it even though I have a list of wishes and WIPS as long as my arm. It just feels like the right time.

So I am taking photos to edit, ready to list on Etsy very soon so if you are looking for a wee gift for yourself or another come have a looksee when I open.
Or if you are in need right now get in touch, (contact details at the top of this page).


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Monday, 4 February 2013

A crafty Fishy sale.

Tomorrow (5th February 2013) the amazingly talented and super seller KirstyFish, is having her annual sale day across her Etsy shops.

If you haven't shopped with her before then tomorrow should be the day to go looksee at the things she has to offer and with FREE UK POSTAGE from 8am to 8pm, how can you resist.

At her BigFish shop you can find buttons and ribbon and felt balls and buttons and ribbon, oh and did I mention BUTTONS!!! And I mean lots and lots to choose from. Just quote FREEUK at checkout.

At her FuzzyFish shop you can find felt in many (and I mean many) colours, acrylic (my felt of choice) or wool blend or lambswool. If there is a particular shade you are looking for I could pretty much guarantee you will find it here. Just quote FREEUK at checkout.

The shop you will drool over if you love Christmas is Kirsty's SnowFish shop. It is jam packed filled with AMAZING decorations all designed and handmade by the lovely lady herself. Just quote FREEUK1 at checkout.

These are my go to shops for felt and buttons and I love the lady herself.  Go looksee at Kirsty's blog for more details and tempting shop photos and do yourself a favour and grab bargain £1 bag goodies LISTED THROUGHOUT SALE DAY or simply shop and save postage in the UK.



Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Hello hello, is anyone still out there?

Oh my it really has been the longest while since I blogged.  No excuses given, I simply haven't.  That's a bit of a fib I realize.  Whenever I think about having to organize my thoughts, cables for cameras etc I let out a huge sigh and think '*$!* it I'll do it later!'.
Later, invariably, never comes.
I have things to show you, subjectively feel good ta-dahs. Revelations on new crafty endeavours and new skills learned.  The discoveries of free machine embroiderey; being both 'so my thang' and sewn text neater than my actual handwriting.  A handmade Christmas (even though I promised myself I would buy more) and a poorly Christmas.
Last year was the year I fell out of like with blogging but this year, this lovely 2013 where I turn 40, I am determined I am getting back my blogging mojo.  I am planning a revamp, a reclaiming of  my cyber space. I am opening an Etsy shop soon too to sell my brooches so keep an eye out for that. I am focusing on 'keeping it real' which, for me, means remembering I am at my very core a blether, a chatterer, a verbal vomiting type and cannot compete (and don't want to) with any other blog. That I do not have to always have photos or subjects and definitely will  NOT be offering advice on how to use old plastic hand cream containers or tights. I forgot after a certain amount of time blogging why I started. I got bogged down with thoughts of 'what are you trying to say?', 'who are you trying to say it to?' and silly things like that.  Feckadoodle!! What on earth possessed me to have silly ponderings like that? I obviously was having a wobble!
All I want to do is chat, be creative and entertain myself and hopefully you lovely peeps who take the time to read my posts!
Sounds simple enough. Although I have had a thought, earlier on I wrote 'keeping it real'. OMFG! Wait a minute "OMFG"???? I fear I have swallowed an old person trying to be 'down with the kids'.  Oh dear....

Oh and 40!! How and when did enough time pass for that to be happening this year?

Hope you are all fine and dandy my intersweb pals. I have been as negligent of your blogs as I have mine for which I am sorry, I bet I missed loads of lovely posts.


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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Why a girl needs emergency chocolate cake stashed in the freezer...

I do and I'm a girl, well a grown up mummy lady but I do *need* emergency chocolate cake stashed in my freezer.

Sometimes only chocolate cake will do and I am well apt to cope with what life throws my way if I know there is a chocolate sponge ready to be slathered in chocolate buttercream available to defrost at any given time I may need it.
It's a simple strategy really, whenever I make chocolate cake (Nigella's all in one recipe in Feast is my go to), I make a double batch, that is four sandwich layers rather than two and bung two of them in the freezer *in case of emergency*.  It works for me as my local Sainsburys only sells sour cream by the 300ml tub and the basic recipe requires half that amount.  It is sensible then to use it all up, no? Besides I am a double, triple, quadruple batch type of a cook.  It's practical and means I can justify using huge pots and long handled wooden spoons. Any excuse for that in my kitchen makes me a happy haggis.

I also make sure I have a supply of luxurious dark chocolate in my baking drawer and I'm good to go.

 My boys love their chocolate cake and it is always their choice if they fancy some cake resting in the kitchen, on a cake stand or pretty vintage plate, ready to be sliced after school.

I like mine with a cup of tea served in a lovely cup.

If there was no emergency chocolate cake it would take so much longer to use my scrummy dark chocolate up or use pretty cake stands or vintage china or eat alongside cornishware teacups and saucers or make my boys happy after a hard day at school.

Emergency and essential  chocolate cake stashed in my freezer is a must!


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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The day I made lemon curd and embroidered a pretty jar topper...

So I am asking why oh why oh why oh effing why haven't I made lemon curd before?
I mean it
I love lemons, adore them, cannot think of a tastier flavour of sponge. There are few better smells in the world and they rock yellow like no human could.
Yet until very recently I hadn't ever made the effort to make homemade.  I had this recipe from the lovely Fishy and bonny Mrs B (whose shared foodie blog I miss with all my stomach and would bribe them to post again) bookmarked for an age and had copied it into my favourite treat notebook.  I mean for yonks and yonks!
Anyhoo, I have no excuse and if I had known how effing easy peasy lemon squeasy it was going to be to make I would [like to think I'd] have done it sooner.

 It is the best lemon curd I have ever eaten and had to take Mrs B's advice and pair it with my favourite scone recipe with added poppy seeds.

There was enough for just about two jars becauseI didn't use standard sizes. I knew once I saw those golden filled jars I had to get sewing, sorry embroidering (see still have issues with the names).

Still wanting Robert Plant to squeeze ma lemon.  That will never change whenever and everytime I think of lemons

 Says what it was, lovely lemon curd.

If you have never tried making it, please do.  You will be rewarded with heaven in every mouthful.

Some strange people, namely Mr Biscuit are not impressed by lemons, fools and numpties one and all. He is both, trust me!


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