Sunday, 28 July 2013

hallo, hallo...

Popping in to say hello to you all.
I am not a good blogger at all these days.
I seem not to care about that either...

Its a funny thing this blogging business.
I cannot blame Instagram for the lack of ponderings on here. It is a great instant photo sharing/quick response thing but it isn't stopping me from blogging.
I'm stopping me from blogging.
Not being on a laptop means I am getting more creative things done and I am not so great at sharing these on here anymore.  I get distracted on here, writing a post seems to take me an age. Reading blogs, getting sucked into Pinterest (which I deleted a while back and recently went on again), looking at tutorials etc distracts me big time. I have been making a lot. Quilts and socks and maggie rabbits. Lots of hours of hand sewing.
I suppose I am not a great sharer full stop really.  Blogging doesn't come naturally at all so we shall see. I've no desire to delete my blog or to take a brake or to force myself to write more posts but wanted to say hi to you all.
I hope you are all well and life is good.
Hope your wee hands are busy making.
Hope you are eating yummy scrummy cake sometimes and enjoying the summer.
Hope you have the time for a nice cup of tea and are getting plenty of sleep.

Ali x


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  2. Thought I should just pop over and say hello....and have a nose at your blog!! Looking forward to having a good read once the little Peas are napping. Thanks for stopping by.
    I totally agree with you about getting distracted once the laptop is opened, I'm the same. I deleted my FB page last year and I can honestly say it was the best thing I did. It's also a good way of seeing who your 'real' friends are.....out of sight. out of mind and all that!
    I was very late in discovering pintrest, only a couple of months ago in fact........hours can go by in a flash, terrible and so very time wasting. I always think of all the sewing I could have done in that time.
    I think I have mastered it now though. I have created a craft folder on my laptop and if I see anything that inspires me, tutorials...etc they get put in there. Then when i have a few hours spare ( very rare with two children) I'll open the folder and get crafting, this way I don't get distracted.
    Besides there are more things in life than this blogging malarky!

    1. Hello hello, genius idea and yes there are more things in life!
      Nice to hear from you.
      Ali x


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