Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Pondering the 'summer' hols.

We are into the second week of the summer hols here folks and I may or not be giving a lovely long list of activities that my Biscuits and I have been up to but alas not.  For one they are of an age now (11 and  8 1/2) where they tend to have their own plans for the day and don't need me to interfere with them. Things like crafting or baking together are rare and only to be enjoyed when they are 'in the mood'.  I remember when they were small and there was a rotation of things to keep them busy all day.  They choose their own these days.  They have been glued to the PS3 as we got them a treat of a new game for the end of the year, good reports etc.  I don't know about you but on one income, new computer games are a rarity in our house. I don't have a problem [in the main] with them playing them either. I monitor, force breaks and think what a great thing they are for rainy days at the beginning of a long holiday from school.  Feeling the freedom of being able to play computer games all day because you don't have to go to school is a wonderful feeling.  Besides the novelty wears off and they naturally look to other things to entertain themselves soon enough.  Going out is not fun at the mo.  They have tried going out to play but it didn't take much to put them off and bring themselves home again.  This kind of constant rain does interfere with playing out as it puts them off from stepping out of doors in the first place.
I have to say too we don't believe in providing constant stimulation for them in the form of lots of days out either. Well of the costly variety anyways.  Rain is a problem regarding the free sort as long walks, picnics etc are simply not as fun in the [this incessant] rain. I suppose we want them to learn to find ways of entertaining themselves without having to pay for entertainment and honestly we cannot afford it and it wouldn't be right to show them that you do it anyway.  Don't I sound cheap??  I suppose it's finding the balance between letting them play/live life using their imagination etc and all the external things available to entertain. I suppose to we want [expensive] trips to things like the cinema to be a treat too.
I always think too that as parents we worry over whether they are out or in and what they do.  Lots of 'shouldn't they be' when really you can see when your kiddies are content and you are just worrying about what 'happy' is brought on by.  As grown ups I think we obsess about 'happiness' but kiddies just get on with living, don't you think? I think that is the biggest thing I have learned since my Biscuits arrived, to take a leaf out of their book and just get on with living each day as it comes, rain or shine etc etc.  I don't always manage it but you know us grown ups have a lot more things to scunner those plans. 

I do love the summer hols, I love seeing so much of my boys and yes my routine goes to pot and the house always feels a mess but you know I get to do a lot more things for me compared to when they were small and needed constant attention and supervision. For example I am just about to disappear for  more than an hour upstairs on my bike and they will happily play away, read or whatever with each other and not even notice I'm gone to be honest.
It's nice not to plan too.  Holidays are for not having things you must do after all.
Oh but please, a bit of sunshine would be heaven!!



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