Monday, 29 March 2010

An Easter's time!

****NOW CLOSED****
Morning to you all.  Does anyone else feel *wrong* because the clocks have changed?  I feel like I got dragged from bed kicking and screaming in the middle of the night.  My body clock feels totally off.  The sun has gone off on a mini-break too.  It started pouring here yesterday five minutes after I put the washing out on a nice Spring day, the sun was out.  Obviously his bags were packed and he was waiting at the car to go.  The heavens opened, serious, proper rain and it hasn't really stopped since, snow is predicted up here tonight and tomorrow.  So it's feeling very un-Spring like here but never fear I have just the thing............

photo used with the kind permission of Julie Williams, Little Cotton Rabbits.  All rights reserved. Easter Parade of these little laddies and lassies.  Don't they scream SPRING?  I love these bunnies.  I love their ickle faces and their spring-y jumpers.  I love Little Cotton Rabbits as do most of the world as far as I can gather.  Getting your hands on one of Julie's creations is like trying to find gold dust.  As soon as any of her animals or cakes appear in her shop they sell instantly so the shop is almost always empty but that is OK.  Julie is not a knitting machine and she appreciates the demand out their for her creations as she has recently opened a lottery so more people have a chance of buying something.  Now I cannot offer you one of Julie's Bunny Egg Cosies, one knitted by her (as seen above) but I can offer the next best thing.  Cosies, knitted by me from Julie's original pattern available here.  They are lovely to knit and it's wonderful to see them coming to life as you knit and sew them up.

I am offering the winner two bunny cosies, one boy and one girl, in stripey jumpers, plus other Easter goodies  including chocolate, there has to be chocolate.  I may even give a second prize of one cosy plus goodies. 

In true Blue Peter style, here's one I made for me earlier........

let me introduce..

Isn't she adorable?  

I tweaked the design of the jumper for me as I love spots but the giveaway ones will be stripey like the original pattern designed by Julie Williams.  I have some lovely new wool perfect for spring.

So all you have to do to win is leave a comment on my blog telling me what you love about Spring  before the end of Easter Monday (5th April), GMT and I'll pick a lucky winner on Tuesday 6th by which point I'll be a year older and fatter as I am getting a huge Lindt Lindor Easter Egg because it's my birthday on Easter Sunday. 

Good luck!



  1. Tee hee, aren't they fun! I'd love to be entered.

    What do I love about spring?
    I love the new starts. The animals, the flowers, the blossoms that give me hope of a new start, a new page in my life. I love spring hope.

    It's raining buckets here too. Pffft.

  2. Hi, what a great giveaway, thanks. Back to winter here too. I love the feeling Spring gives you, natures pick me up.

  3. They are just so cute!
    If it makes you feel better, my washing has been on a constant rain rinse cycle out on the line since saturday! Things I love about Spring?... Lambs and bulbs (especially hyacinth) and cherry pretty!
    Happy Birthday for sunday. x

  4. The beauty that spring brings with it is the blanket of blooms, the lush green leaves, the heavenly scent of flowers in the air and walking through my local park without a coat on and enjoying the pretty big tree's and the sparkly sunlight through the branches! makes me smile!!!! Though outside my window its looking a little drizzzly boohoo! ;0)xx

    what a lovely treat- those bunnies are adorable!!!! ;0)xxxx

  5. Oh how adorably cute! What do I love about spring? A vase of daffodils in the house. Their colour is heavenly and uplifting and their scent brings spring air in the house. They make me smile constantly when I look at them and for such a cheap thing to bring such huge amounts of pleasure...well, what more can I say! Have a lovely day! xxx

  6. Oh what cutie-pies, you are clever!

    What I love most about Spring are tulips, birdsong, lots of bank holidays(!), banishing coats, hats and gloves and, most of all, the promise of Summer.


  7. me too me too!!

    I love that moment when you think oooooooooh lets have a veg patch, a herb pot and strawberries and out you go in eager certainty of your green fingered status! Tis the spring what makes you do it! Everyone wants to be on the 'growing green' action!


  8. They are so cute!!!

    Happy birthday for you on Sunday!!

    I have so many fave things about Spring....seeing flowers starting to grow is probably the best thing, and baby adorable!!

  9. I love the garden waking up, and the way people seem to wake up too.............. (except for clock-change weekend of course!) :O)

  10. Love those little bunnies

    Hugs RosieP x

  11. Please enter me too!

    As well as spring flowers and lighter days, what I love about spring is having the back door open while I potter about in the kitchen and the children play outside in the garden.

    Happy birthday for Sunday! x

  12. PS. Ali, there's a beautiful blogger award for you on my blog.

    Does that mean I get an extra entry?! ;-)

    Heather x

  13. i'd love to enter...
    what i love about Spring: CAR BOOT SALES! and trudging through the wet grass with my dog x

  14. HaPpY BirThDAy for Sunday!!!!! Hope you have a luverly day.

    Hmmmmm...what do I love about spring...coming out of work at 6:30pm and it being light! AND knowing that soon there will be a sunny beer garden and a nice cold cider with my name on it. Lovely. :) xxx

  15. i love spring - it's my favourite season! the colours,the lightand best of all those genle spring breezes - at the moment it's raining hard and really cold so i'm just off to light the fire!
    roll on spring!!!!!!

  16. They are gorgeous! I love so many things about Spring, daffodils, lighter evenings, and most of all car boots! :) Hope you have a lovely week xxx

  17. I love those, they are gorgeous!!! The thing I love about spring is all the flowers coming up, daffodils, tulips, anemones!! I love the pormise of some sunny weather too!

  18. ooooo yummy!, very cute giveaway, i love getting to see a little more of the sunshine in spring & how everything in the garden starts to grow again,

  19. How adorable !
    What I love about spring is walking outdoors without winter woolies, smelling the grass after it's first cut,and drying my washing outdoors !
    Happy Birthday foe Sunday
    Louise x

  20. Cute bunnies :)

    As I'm in Scotland too I'm still waiting on Spring starting :(

    What I love about Spring (when it does start) is all the new flowers, all those lovely colours.

    Wishing you a happy birthday and enjoy your super huge easter egg ;)

  21. The thing I love most about Spring is the colour coming back - the flowers & the trees bursting back to life.

    PS - I've a giveaway on my blog - also ends on Monday - pop over to enter if you'd like.

    PPS - Happy birthday too :)

  22. Hello,
    just found you via Chez Sophie and Pink Milk!
    Love your bunnies they're so cute!You have a lovely blog here!
    Happy Birthday for Sunday!
    What do I love about spring, The scent of it, the flowers, the hum of lawnmowers as they mow the grass for the first time, car boots and picnics!

  23. A giveaway? Count me in please.
    Just found your blog.
    What I love about Spring is the birds singing and Spring flowers appearing in th elanes and hedgerows.

  24. I love that the mornings are lighter and I can sit in my garden listening to the birds and watching the washing drying on the line.
    It all feels happier and brighter..x
    Have a Happy Easter.

  25. love those luvly bunnies.
    apart from suffering with hayfever, losing 1 hours sleep and knowing that summer is on it's way (OMG) .. !!!!
    what do I luv about spring......that I can start making salads of all types with all the fresh fruit and vegetables that I can see from my house being grown by the local farmers and taking my beloved greyt hound for a nice cool walk through the country fields and farms.

    happy holidays and happy birthday
    joan in Italy

  26. What sweet little bunnykins. I would love to be entered into the giveaway please.

    What I love about Spring is the energy it seems to give me.

  27. What a wonderful and generous giveaway! Id love to enter!!
    My favourite thing about Spring is the colour it brings, after such a brownish-grey winter its always so uplifting to see all the juicy bright green shoots appearing in the ground followed by an outburst of rainbow coloured blooms!

    Do come visit my blog if you get a chance as there is a little award for you to collect!
    Much love, Happy Easter
    Julia x x x

  28. What a great giveaway, please count me in. They are so very sweet. I am more of a bunny collector than a teddy collector.
    Have a lovely Easter
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  29. Thnanks for the chance to win your giveaway. Found your blog after buying one of your delightful bunny egg cosies via LCR. Have to admit I'm more of an autumn person but the coming of spring always means.........Cadbury's cream eggs!

  30. I love those bunnies! I also love Tulips and daffodils and watching little birds in my garden collecting things to build nests.
    Jille x


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