Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Do you ever have days........

..... where crafting feels like skiving?

Where you really want to bake cupcakes, can't unless you go to the supermarche in the full knowledge if you do go (not being a driver it is more on an event) it will drain you of the little energy you have and will stop you from baking??  I do not like food shopping...

Where you have made that many visits to a kitchen cupboard for pieces of your Mother's Day bar of chocolate, you may as well bring the whole bar, have a cuppa and read a magazine...???

Where you know (like you have known all along) that you are a little bit mental because you are just a bit too pleased by this........

......a ball of twine???????  But it is on it's very own stand with an attached blade and everything!! 

I think I may be hormonal today!



  1. Eat that chocolate - you sound like you might need it!!!

  2. What a great gadget, i'm always looking for twine !

    I'm with Kissed by an Angel, eat the chocolate.

    Hugs Rosiep X

  3. Yes yes yes to all the above!!!

    Do you ever wake up with a 'that embroidered something would look so pretty there' moment and almost have to beat everyone out the way to do it???

    Please say yes you clever-at-knitting lady you.

    Hx :-)

  4. 'tis normal, isn't it, to get excited about random pieces of household equipment? Am jealous of your knitting skills - when I try to change colour half-way through a row all I achieve is a hole.

    And thanks for reminding me that I have a bar of chocolate hidden in the cupboard! :-)

  5. My thoughts exactly ..... times three hundred and sixty five!!!!

  6. Anything that take you away from baking is a bad thing in my mind.

    Are you ok?

  7. You should definately eat the chocolate. I woke up at about 3am this morning went to get a drink and ended up eating half a large bar of dairy milk, i think i must have been sleep walking xxx

  8. Yes, yes and yes! I thought that was normal...? Is it not? In addition to the ball of twine (which is also on my wish list) I have been lusting after a newspaper plant pot maker....yes just a piece of rolled newspaper....into a little plant pot....Hmmm......

  9. I think if we can be happy over small things like twine and pin cushions we must be much happier than people who need tons of money to be happy...
    Hope you find loys more happy things this weekend
    Louise X

  10. normal indeed...but what I want to know is did you make that egg knit cloth??? I love it...

  11. So it's agreed, we are a little bit mental. Bless M&S for twine on a stand.
    Thanks for compliments on my knitting, it's a kit for 4 egg cosies I bought from The Wool Sanctuary, Suzie was the lovely lady who taught Kirsty Allsop to knit on her Homemade shows......and Victoria is all the the twisting of the wool strands when changing colour and if I can do it......


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