Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Looking for sympathy!

Here's me...

I am an awful patient so Hubby is having nothing to do with feeling sorry for me so I am looking for sympathy from my blogging friends who will, I am sure, let me milk my sore wrist for all its worth.  Who knew too much knitting could cause this?  Actually I suspect too much knitting caused a weakness that somehow enabled a sprain sometime on Saturday afternoon.  That's the version I am sticking to as I cannot accept knitting could cause me pain.  I never learn though hence why I am typing even though it hurts.  I have rubbish wrists due to numerous strains as a child roller skating, skate boarding and of course falling off my bike.  I am ridiculously clumsy and stupid, on one occasion going straight back out on my skates after arriving home from the nurse bandaged up, only to fall again on, you guessed it, my sprained wrist.
I am cross if I'm honest, offended I cannot do what I like ( I am that childish!).  Hubby Biscuit has banned me (for my own good) from knitting and picking up a crochet hook and it's way hard.  Much harder than I thought so I am moving on to sewing instead which probably isn't sensible but I cannot not make something. I may 'grow up' enough to rest it after over using it shopping earlier, but I figured if I have to be injured and I am (milky milky!!) I at least deserved this whilst out and about...

image from amazon
Don't you agree?
I'll try to be sensible as I  have mucho baking later in the week due to three birthdays, well starting tomorrow actually.  Better go and sit I suppose...


Saturday, 16 October 2010

The 52 Marvellous Makes Madness Challenge - Weeks 11 and 12!

Bear with me people, I'm playing catch up!

Week 11's make isn't quite complete but I have been waiting to post about them for so long I gave up and will finish them off [attach to twine] in time to hang on the hall banisters for Santa to see.   
Here are the crucial components of my Felt Christmas Tree Garland...

I chose to sew on multi-coloured beads inspired by the fairy lights of my youth and of course there shall be bells, always bells!

Week 12 brought a housewarming gift for a lovely lady who was very complimentary even though my stitches were very like a spiders trail having stepped in ink.  She also was kind enough to send me this photo of it adorning her wall because, well...duh!!! I completely forgot to take one of it myself.

(image used with the permission of the lovely kirstyfish - check out some of her photos here)
The fabric is a gorgeous dark pink from a Tilda range, Rose 6.  I may have to make one for myself for my wee craft corner.  Here is another photo Kirsty sent me and I wanted to share this gorgeous angel with you (hope you don't mind Fishy)...

 ...isn't it, sorry she delightfulCheck out Snowfish at Etsy but be quick, I may beat you to it!

Can I say a warm thank you to all of your lovely comments on my lemon cake, I'd gladly send a slice to you all.  Tanya, you Temptress!  Buttons for cake.......ah!  Can you send cake in the post?


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The 52 Marvellous Makes Madness Challenge - Week 10!

Another week, another make although I use that term liberally as this a a few weeks ago make but nevermind. 
Now as you know I love cake and you may also know already I love lemon so this is the ultimate cake for me...

Now Hubby Biscuit on the other hand is not a fan of lemon and declared that this was "not one of my best" to which he was promptly requested to "not eat any more of it then!".  My boys liked it even with flowers, glitter and it's bottom enthroned on a pink flower-shaped cake stand.
It was actually worth putting off my daily cappuccino till a more appropriate cake eating time in order to have a slice on my favourite pretty plate...

*sigh* cake!!


Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Certain Motherly duties.....am I a Muppet?

Now, obviously I try very hard to be a *good* Mother but c'mon is researching all about this game...

image from google
...on the intersweb in order to find my farmer sons a 'wife', maybe going a little far?

I am, I fear a Muppet, a big sooky sap of a Mum because well...they asked and it will please them so and well... (this is the secret bit, shoosh now) I get to have a wee play of it too all under the guise of performing my Motherly duites. 

'It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good farm, must be in want of a wife.'

And surely any good Mum worth her salt will aid in any way she can.....



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