Thursday, 5 November 2009

Clumsy Mummy!!

This is one of my many titles.  Now I could complain at this ever so slightly negative description but alas I must admit the truth of it.  My boys learned many, many moons ago that if Mummy touches it, Mummy could break it, so take your chances.  Hubby thinks it's a miracle that meals, baking etc appears without injury.  That I do not sew my fingers onto fabric or impale myself on a knitting needle. I have suffered the odd slight burn from the oven but, and this is the shocking bit, I still have all my fingers.  Hubby cringes when he sees me yielding my cooks knife but after seeing that CRAZY woman on The Restaurant c/o Harry Hill, I see I'm not that bad.  My problem in the main is spacial. I have no concept of it!  I do have to accept I am clumsy, it is a fact and today again I proved it. .............
( I am also very easily distracted - hence why my boys wandered up to school this morn wearing each others coats.  I must clarify, the coats are not identical,  similar coloured though. I only noticed when back at home I looked at my eldest ( who's still poorly) and thought something's not right.  In retrospect I did think my youngest looked a bit 'drowned ' in the one he was wearing as he was walking off into the school building ! As any mother knows - this was my fault for not placing them on the correct door handles after removing them from the cupboard!!)
.......So my clumsy act for today which I will have to explain to Hubby this evening and he will give me the 'why didn't you know better and leave it for me' look, was to drop the £7.45 fancy low energy daylight bulb before I got it anywhere near the lamp it was to go in.  I don't know what happened, it was in my hand then it was crashing on to the floor.  As I said, I can accept I am clumsy but cannot and will not have to rely on a man to change a lightbulb, that would be ridiculous.  In my defense, and I will be using this tonight in the 'explanation', I did manage to change the other five without mishap.  Of this I will stand up and be proud!!!

Fingers crossed it is a one off event and not a theme for today!
Ali X

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