Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Little beauties!!

On a trip to the local shopping centre on Saturday I escaped from my Hubby (he was car stereo shopping, what's a lady to do?) grabbed my eldest ( to help carry!) and ran for the charity shop, which I mean to pop into more often, just to have a little looksy.............

...........and look what I found! Aren't they pretty!!  In all I got four teacups and saucers; a serving plate; four side plates; a milk jug and a sugar bowl.  All for under six ( I did say six) pounds!!

 I love the pattern and on this serving plate it is so worn because of use and love I have decided.
Didn't I do well??

I also picked up these ickle dishes, only about four inches wide and perfect for butter.  I am very pleased with myself and my purchase.
I am feeling a little clearer today but have more of a normal nose bunged cold.  Under normal circumstances that would seem quite enough of an illness but after the 'flu' like symptoms I've been having FOR DAYS, an 'ordinary' cold is more than welcome for a visit and a cup of tea.  Although......baking a cake whilst having a sneezy, runny nose and cough wasn't exactly easy but I had to do it today so made many fast exists from the kitchen to spread my germs in the hall and had many (OCD like!) hand washes so I did manage it.
I leave you with my beloved KitchenAid mixing away! Ali X

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  1. oooh I love those cups and saucers, and the dishes - they are soooo pretty! I have a kitchenaid too but mine doesn't get used as much as I'd like! x


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