Friday, 13 November 2009

Meet the furry, four-legged family on Friday!!

There are three furry felines in our household.  Want to meet them?

'Thamas!  Thamas!  There's a mouse in the house!'

This is our youngest, Thomasina (oringinally Thomas as we thought she was a boy at first, I know you'd think we could tell the difference), she's the baby at two.  All three cats have their 'Show'/'Horse-racing' names you can see under the photos.  It's just a thing we do!

'Eva weava web of mischief!'

This is Evie or Miss Evie, she deserves the Miss because she is such a lady and she is ten.
Last is the man of the (cat) house......

'The 'Hay' with the 'Mish'

This is Hamish.  There's two pictures of him to try and show how HUGE he is but he's my first baby as he's thirteen now.  He is also affectionately known as 'beau-beau', I was very into Tennessee Williams (a cat on a hot tin roof, the glass menagerie, streetcar named desire) at the time and loved the whole Southern 'beau' thing and ladies drinking mint juleps.  My eldest is thrilled he came after Hamish as it meant the name was taken already.

Have a great weekend everybody and remember DOCTOR WHO!  Yippee!!!!


p.s I just realized my cats look dressed for Christmas with all those bells on, they are in fact to prevent bird murder and they work, I'm very pleased to say!


  1. They are gooooooooorgeous!! I would love love love a cat!! I will win out one day......or just come home with one 'by accident'!!

    You items have been posted! I can't wait till they get to you!

    Much love MrsB x

  2. Thanks MrsB, I am sooo excited to see them!!! I want a kitten and at present my boys and I are trying to talk Hubby into it, he's all practical and sensible about it, it's very annoying!! We will persist until he wears down...or, like you, just get one.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. What gorgeous bundles of fur! Lucky you! My hubby is allergic or we would have cats! x


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