Monday, 16 November 2009

A Christmas Tradition..........

I lurve Christmas! 

You will hear me say this so very often in this blog. There is no 'Ba Humbug' in this household; it's simply not permitted.  No matter how busy or stressed I get I will not stop loving Christmas, in particular the traditions.  Here are a few of ours.........
Only bought once a year along with the Radio Times in which I still circle, with a biro, all the programmes and films I am excited about.

Nigella -the bringer of such goodies.  I use other books and recipes but for Christmas baking Nigella is Queen.   I always make and bake....

 cookies for the tree -  my boys enjoy this tradition even now at eight and six when other baking endeavours have lost their appeal.  I figure the pestle and mortar bashing of the boiled sweeties is key to this.

Christmas Cupcakes - mine look more like puddings and I wish I had a real photo to show you. ( partly the reason I decided to start a blog - up till very recently I never took photos of anything and really wish I had of many, many things I have made) I always cut out sugarpaste holly leaves and frost them with edible lustre and roll little berry balls for the top.  It's such fun!! I could eat these all year round but force myself to only bake them once a year.  I do usually make at least 48, sometimes more.  My friends and family would hunt me down if there wasn't a batch for each of them and also these....

mini apple pies (mince pies- yuck!!!) and...

Rocky Road - I combine the 'Christmas' and 'Express' recipes.  Heaven!! and each year on the Eve when my friends come round.....

a ham - in particular Nigella's Ginger Glazed Ham which I will be making again this year as it was so good last Christmas Eve. If you want the know-how check out for books and recipes.  
I also bake Christmas tree shortbread with my boys for their teachers. I know they would be disappointed if I made something else (a delia recipe). It is an essential part of the festivities that my kitchen ends up with a layer of icing sugar over everything in it because I have been baking so much.
Another tradition that I HAVE to partake in every year is Harry Potter.  I read the first four books my eldest's first Christmas and since then the build up to the big day HAS to involve re-reading (now) all seven.  I hear sleigh bells, I smell cinnamon and log fires, I taste buttery pastry and turkey and stuffing sandwiches on white bread.  Each year I lose myself in the magic of Harry Potter and in turn Christmas and all it's glory.....fairy lights, carrots for the reindeer, tins of colourfully wrapped chocolates, bulging stockings, friends and family and my boys' faces when they see Santa has been and they have been good all year!


p.s the Doctor went a bit mental.  The Ood, Wilfred, Donna, Lucy Saxon and THE MASTER in the Christmas trailer! OMG Christmas is gonna be sooooo cool!!!!! and I'm sure I'll cry!!!!


  1. ... james is heartbroken that our box didnt record the very end and cut off the christmas trailer.

    just makes the suspense even more unbearable. heh.

  2. I was srceaming at the telly and had to watch it over a few times. You just get over waiting for 'the water on mars' episode and now the anticipation is back for the next two. If I think about it too much I'll go loopy!!!! James had me pre-warned about the Master though or otherwise I would have fell off the couch!!

  3. What a simple lovely post! I love, love, love Christmas!! MsFish and I have been talking about it since August and decided about mid october perhaps we ought to reign ourselves in a bit, so as not to frighten the "Christmas starts in December" crowd! I am glad to have found us a kindred spirit! x

  4. I meant simply lovely post....not simple...that sounds mildly offensive?!?!?

  5. I am more simple than simply MrsB!
    I can't think of anything more depressing than Christmas starting in December, can you? I am very suspicious of these 'types', they make me squint my eyes and that is never a good look!!

  6. Ali- I am so glad they are with you!! have you looked under the pin cushion!! I have left you a wee pressie!! x


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