Friday, 27 November 2009

The joys of porridge.......

I thought I'd join in with the lovely Mrs B in sharing the love for tummy warming porridge.  I took these photos last week on the official change over day from Weetabix, to celebrate the feeling of winter being here.  I admit first thing in the morning whilst preparing play pieces and lunches I cannot cope with anything more than gloop, something which slides down the throat and definitely no boak inducing chewing.  Every year I remember how I love porridge so.  It is a solitary (I'm the only one in our household who likes it) winter ritual............... has to be Scott's, no substitute allowed, the flavour takes me back to my childhood..........

........Piglet and me have precise quantities at the ready........

........I love to stir yet only the weekend brings a soothing turn of a wooden spoon, week day mornings are a little rushed..........

.......and always in the same bowl, only brought out for porridge.  If I see anything else in this bowl I just get confused it's not milky gloop and it has to be milky with a (quite large, I admit) sprinkling of sugar....... tummy is a happy, warm snuggley place.  I'm ready to brace the Scottish weather!!!


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  1. I am so pleased that Trevor has settled in so well!!
    He is really going to love it there! When your boys get time they can send a photo to and I will put it on the blog so his Pipple friends can see what he's getting up to.
    ps I like porridge too but am more of a southern softie with Ready Brek!! xxx


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