Monday, 30 November 2009

It's Monday morning...........

...................and I am wondering:
1  -  Why did I volunteer to knit and bake and help set up and run the school Christmas Fayre this Friday?
-  How is it possible that I have forgotten that the last posting date for overseas is quickly approaching and I am thoroughly NOT organized.
3  -  Why when you clean something or somewhere it needs done again the instant (it feels) you finish?
4  -  Why other people can see my To Do List is unachievable but I can't?
5   -  Why am I on the computer blogging away when I have such a To Do List?
6  -  Why I have to write lists in the first place? 

Can you sense the mania???
I need to get some perspective!!!


  1. ooooooooor sticky gingerbread?! Perspective or cake, perspective or cake hmmmmmmmmmmmm??!! x

  2. I was just discussing said gingerbread yesterday with Hubby......I'm in the need for Christmas spices and tummy warmth. I did get a little perspective at the final meeting for the Fayre when I was put in charge of the home baking stand and was told the magic words that I am 'free' to decorate the table and sell my knitted wares however I like. I am excited enough now to pretend I have no list and I watched Scrooged with Bill Murrey whilst knitting and that helped. I am my own worst enemy!!!


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