Friday, 3 December 2010

"We've gone on holiday by mistake!!!"

Can you guess what happened?

Remember that cottage, our weekend getaway, our country idyll, that cottage that we decided to go in November instead of January in case we got stuck there because of snow.
Will it surprise you then that on Sunday we got snowed in, in that cottage until yesterday [Thursday] when we made our bid for freedom with the help of the local shepherd who indeed 'shepherded' us along the seven miles to civilization and boy did I leap out of the car to hug and kiss him.
I could write long passages telling of the stress, the loss of wages, the feeling of utter isolation, the hunger (I don't think I've ever gone so long without cake - Hubby and Father-in-law had to walk those seven miles into town and those seven miles back to get us food), the lack of radio or television so no idea what was going on in the world, my Biscuits missing the first day of advent and the joy of chocolate that brings, the fear of feeling so helpless and trapped but the worst, by far the worst was seeing snow as an obstacle and prisoner.  I tried to enjoy the bunnies bounding and frolicking about in the snow, the deer over yonder on the hill and the beauty of a snow laden countryside landscape but all of it was tinged with a desperate need to get out and home.  Wishing for rain to wash it all away and the desperation to see the gritter coming up the hill.  I love snow, love snow so it was horrid to feel negative towards it.
We were so lucky the owner of the cottage told us we could stay as long as we needed no charge and to help ourselves to the logs in the shed and the wine in the attic to which I cannot describe our gratitude but boy am I put off going away in the winter again and boy am I never paying attention to weather forecasts.  I don't ever anyways but on this occasion I checked all week, 'light flutterings and sleet' I read.  The locals up there knew it was coming.  How come weather forecasts seem to depend on where you get them?  I looked up the Met Office online for goodness sake!
Luckily the road home was clear all the way and considering how often since Sunday that particular motorway and the forth road bridge was shut, we were blessed with little traffic, sunshine and no snow!
I should be panicking at the time I've lost (homemade Christmas an' all) but I cannot.  What's the point getting stressed over things I can control when I just went through an experience where I had no control except how to react?  Feeling trapped had made me appreciate the freedom to choose I usually have.  It feels like I've been away from my real life for yonks and I'm so glad to be back.  I even spent all day cleaning and didn't complain once [shock!!]


 The irony is once having 'dug' ourselves out of the snow 'twa hoors awa in th' Glens' we had to dig ourselves into our house.



  1. It must have been frightening to be trapped so far from home, glad your back home safe and sound now. Although i did like the bit about helping yourself to the wine in the attic. :o) xxx

  2. Boo to the snow. Unlike you, I hate it ALL the time, so I've been particularly hating it this week. And i'm only stuck in my own home.

    Yay for being home though :D xx

  3. Crikey, I can see that would be a bit scarey and frustrating. At least the owners sound lovely. But no cake! We had a similar experience many years ago in the middle of Wales - at Easter time!! Thick snow! But we were only trapped in for 1 night really. Bet you're glad to be home!

  4. Wow what a story - that would be my worst nightmare, no wonder you are pleased to be home and 'free' again. Hope you feel a little rested after your break!??

  5. Wow! Quite an experience. I can believe you're glad to be back home and 'free'!!

  6. Poor you - having your treat spoilt like that after looking forward to it so much! I too love snow in its RIGHT place (ie Christmas Day once everyone has got where they planned to be/in the Alps for a ski holiday/ONE other random day per year, just for prettiness sake), but as my brother fell over and broke his leg in it yesterday, I'm rapidly going off it!

    Glad you're all back safe and sound!

  7. Oh my you have had it bad, have to say, your post did bring a smile to my face - even if it shouldnt have. Keep warm and eat cake - thats my moto....x

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  9. Oh my goodness! What a shame - at least your now all home safe and well. I hope that you enjoyed your enforced break!!

  10. I can't imagine what it must have felt like, so glad you're safe now. I too lost a weeks wages due to the snow, least I was safe at home though. Hope this week is better for you.

  11. So glad you're safely home - what an adventure.

    Parcel is in the post you minx! xxx


  12. oh my god. I have been thinking about you. I thought it was pretttty brave to go! tell me you had some knitting with you? I'd have DIED, i am sure.


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